Zoom Certified Lumens 4K USB Conference Camera


Lumen’s VC-B11U 4K USB camera has been certified by Zoom as a conference camera for Zoom rooms.

The camera is equipped with an ultra-wide lens capable of capturing multiple participants in meeting rooms, lecture halls, classrooms, offices or meeting spaces. Framing technology and smart zoom feature ensure that all meeting participants can be seen without manual settings adjustment. Auto focus and auto exposure functions further automate video conferencing and minimize setup time.

The VC-B11U is also equipped with an UltraHD sensor and advanced WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology. Whether in low light conditions, direct sunlight or mixed lighting conditions, the camera ensures that everyone is clearly seen during the video conference. The two high-sensitivity microphones capture the human voice from a distance of up to five meters.

The camera joins the Lumens VC-B30U PTZ camera to receive Zooms certification.

“The past 18 months have shown the need for automated video conferencing solutions,” commented Steven Liang, vice president of product development at Lumens Digital Optics Inc. “Technologies like auto-framing and auto-tracking are already reducing the burden. AV teams and making the life of meeting planners much easier. Zoom certification for the VC-B11U gives customers the confidence to use this Lumens camera even for the most important virtual meetings and webinars. “


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