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Promoting a “whole life agenda” after Roe

By Pastor Tony Evans
Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Dallas, Texass

Christians around the world should humbly celebrate [the] decision to overturn the 1973 decision of Roe v. Wade. The ruling removes the federal constitutional right to abortion and returns abortion laws to the states, some of which are considering restricting or banning abortion altogether.

In addition to saving countless lives of our collective humanity, this decision also positions us more fully to intercede for God’s mercy on our nation to reverse the crime epidemic.

This is so because the scriptures declare that when innocent blood is shed, we can expect more innocent blood to be shed in society through violence and oppression (Ps. 106:36-42; Joel 3:19). Thus, a decrease in the number of abortions can lead to a decrease in violent crimes.

At the heart of the abortion debate is the Imago Dei. Attacking the unborn child is tantamount to attacking God since all life is created in his image (Gen. 1:26-28), including life that develops in the womb (Ps. 139:13-16).

While celebrating and praising God for his movement in this momentous space in time, we must also not lose sight of the fact that the Imago Dei also applies to the protection of the dignity of people once they were born (James 3:9; Ps. 8:4–5).

Therefore, anything that diminishes the value of people’s lives should be treated with the same fervor and passion as the preservation of the life of the unborn child.

All forms of denial of justice and human dignity, whether racism, classism or degradation of any kind, must be seen and dealt with in terms of and with respect for the image of God .

It’s time for God’s people to lead the way in promoting a “whole life program,” from womb to grave, as we simultaneously proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and the gift of forgiveness. which he offers to all who come to him for this.

In doing so, may we never forget to show compassion to those who have had abortions, as well as kindness to those who believe differently than we do on this or any other issue.

Finally, gentlemen, my statement remains the same as it has always been: you must lead a responsible life in your actions and decisions. Men should be held personally and financially responsible for the children they help produce, whether planned or not. Most importantly, women should never have to bear the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy alone. We, as the body of Christ, should come to the side of those in need with spiritual and tangible support.

Respond to the Roe Decision

As Alabama Baptists hail the overthrow of Roe v. Wade, let’s be good stewards of our influence by responding with grace, civility, and concerted prayer for all.

What we have prayed and worked for has now become a reality and is certainly cause for celebration.

It is also a call for us to continue to be salt and light in a culture that does not understand or care to understand our beliefs.

We are glad to know that the annulment of Roe v. Wade finally performed after almost 50 years. We know that the lives of unborn children are precious in the sight of God.

Let us also realize that we still have a lot of work to do and that we have entered a new era of ministry in the protection and support of unborn life.

Rick Lance, Executive Director
Alabama Baptist State Council missions

Regarding the article on preparing protesters (see article, page 11), I just wanted to thank Baptists for being tough enough against the world to attract a protest. Most churches seek to be non-confrontational, but the result is a watered down gospel and witness. If we don’t get resistance now in this crazy world, we’re not standing up for the Word! Pray protection and boldness in Christ.

Lee Mathews
Birmingham, Alabama.

Resources for vulnerable people

By Chris Crain
Birmingham Underground Baptist Association

Those who know me understand that I am a supporter of adoption, foster care and other ministries to care for mothers and children.

When I held my eldest daughter in my arms at the courthouse and the judge finalized the adoption, we stopped and prayed for our daughter’s birth mother. The courage shown by this young teenage biological mother will always be an inspiration to me.

Fortunately, every congregation I have served has shared my concern for women who experience unplanned pregnancies. This posture of compassion is also true for the Birmingham Metro Baptist Association.

The support and compassion of the Church radiates from hearts transformed by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ.

Over the next few weeks, the Birmingham Metro Baptist Association Medical and Crisis Pregnancy Center will begin offering services.

Women and men in difficult circumstances will find help, hope and healing in the name of Jesus Christ. Our sovereign God in His providence has planned for the BMBA – in partnership with Sav-A-Life Vestavia – to provide this center at the right time in history.

God has provided many other resources for women and men at our BMBA partner center: WorkFaith Birmingham; safety rope; decisions, choices and options; Trails; and Awaken Ministries.

We ask you to pray for the women, men and children who visit the centre.

We want everyone who walks through the door to find the love of Jesus Christ and a connection to essential resources.

How we talk about life in those crucial weeks following opinion matters.

Lynn Fitch
Mississippi Attorney General

The Constitution does not confer the right to abortion; Roe and Casey are canceled; and the power to regulate abortion rests with the people and their elected representatives.

From the Supreme Court opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson women’s health organization

With this decision, thousands, perhaps millions, of children can potentially be saved and given the chance to live that they deserve. Although the church cannot bring back the children we have lost since Roe v. Wade, Christians can help correct this injustice.

Greg Laurie
pastor and author

Before you sleep tonight (June 24), thank the Lord for allowing us to see this day and the fall of Roe. Many feared that would never happen. We CAN celebrate without gloating, rejoice without arrogance, and give thanks without forgetting those whom Christ Jesus has called us to serve.

Pastor John Brock
Highland Baptist Church, Florence, Alabama

So after Roe, what’s our job now? It’s always the same. We are to be defenders of the gospel of all that is right and good and true.

We must take care of the poor, the suffering and the marginalized. We must speak the truth with love. We must remind our magistrates of their responsibilities. We need to make disciples. We must be adamant in announcing the good news that changes everything. Our intercessions and our works must be unceasing.

george grant

There will still be many women who will face an unplanned pregnancy. … The Church has an important opportunity to serve and support these women in crisis and their unborn children.

Elizabeth Graham
Vice President of Life Initiatives
Ethics and religious freedom Commission

From the Twitter universe

June 24, 2022 is a day to be remembered in eternity as a day of justice, righteousness, and faithfulness. It’s a day that many of us have wanted for so long. Roe v. Wade is canceled.

[June 24] is considered the date of birth of Jean-Baptiste !!!!! Roe v. Wade cancelled. “When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby jumped in her womb, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit” (Luke 1:41).

“Even with this victory, our focus does not change. Thousands of pro-lifers will continue the same work we have been doing – advocating for unborn children, serving mothers and families, and fostering a true culture of life in our communities. — @LoriBova

May God work in the hearts of Americans to defend life. May God give us courageous hearts to speak with grace and truth. #life

If the purpose of prayer is to obtain something from God, you will be disappointed if your situation does not change. But when the purpose of prayer is to be with God, you will never be disappointed, and in the process you will be changed.

Some weeks it seems like news comes faster than our hearts can keep up. But tragedies and systemic failures do not have the last word. God will wipe away every tear from our eyes, and there will be no more death, no mourning, no crying, no pain. In the midst of pain, there is hope.

It is when the world is darkest that the Church needs to shine most.

I see that some are already asking an important question — Are large corporations that promise to pay abortion and travel expenses for their employees also willing to pay the expenses of their employees who are foster parents and those who want to adopt an unwanted child?


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