Wynnewood residents express concern over possible evidence of human birth –


WYNNEWOOD, Okla. (KTEN) – Some Wynnewood residents hoping to see major changes in city government raised their concerns with city council members at a meeting on Monday.

SaveWynnewood — a group of concerned citizens — asked members of council to fire a police officer after responding to a call at a local store where employees discovered medical waste linked to a possible miscarriage.

Because no report was filed or evidence was gathered from the scene, the police chief said they could not prove whether or not the remains were from human birth.

“Officer Brandon Cross responded, and he didn’t look at the remains or do any investigation,” Shannon Kile said. “In the end, he asked them to throw it away, and they were horrified and they tried to say, ‘You know, we think it’s a baby. “”

According to a statement from the city of Wynnewood, the responding officer did not find that a crime had taken place and concluded his investigation.

Police Chief Ken Moore admits the case was not handled properly.

“My officer didn’t do everything he should have done,” Moore said. “He didn’t push the investigation far enough, and because of that, we have no physical evidence to prove anything one way or the other.”

City officials placed Cross on paid administrative leave during an internal investigation. According to the City of Wynnewood after review by the District Attorney’s Office, the city has since reinstated him to active duty.

Last November, the state auditor approved a citizens’ petition for a special audit of the town of Wynnewood.

“We just filed a lawsuit in Garvin County District Court, and our attorneys are working on it right now,” Kile said. “We will file an injunction to remove [Anne Giltner] of town hall. She has been on duty illegally, and has been for five weeks now.”


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