Who is ‘Doma’ in Demon Slayer? Character and Voice Actor Explained


In the latest episode of Demon Slayer Season 2, we got our first look at Doma (also spelled Douma). Well, here’s everything you need to know about this new character.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the latest episode of Demon Slayer.

The last episode of demon slayer was emotional for several reasons. Of course, Tengen survived the fight against Gyutaro and Daki, but he lost an arm and an eye in the process. In fact, he was so badly injured that he could have died, but thanks to Nezuko, Hashira and Inosuke survived.

On top of that, we also saw a bit of demon sibling history. Watching how Gyutaro and Daki suffered in their human lives was indeed heartbreaking. However, in this flashback, the series also introduced us to “Doma” and intrigued fans want to know more about this new character.

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Doma in Demon Slayer Season 2 Finale Explained

In demon slayer, Doma or Duma is the Demon of Higher Rank Two, occupying a prominent position among the Twelve Kizuki. In the manga, Doma is depicted as a tall, muscular man with a pale complexion, and he debuted in Chapter 96.

Honestly, Doma is one of the most complicated demons in manga. On the one hand, Doma has a friendly side and a charismatic personality, and on the other, he has an extremely dark side. For example, Doma always prefers to eat young females.

In fact, Doma met Daki and Gyutaro while consuming a woman. Doma then turned the siblings into demons, as revealed in the episode. However, by the time Doma met Daki and Gyutaro, he was upper rank six. Over time, Doma grew in strength by consuming humans and became the top rank two.

Mamoru Miyano is Doma’s voice actor in Demon Slayer

Interestingly, Mamoru Miyano is the voice behind doma in demon slayer Season 2. For those unfamiliar, Mamoru Miyano is the same VA who played Light Yagami in the legendary Death threat series. Apart from that he played Chrollo in Hunter X Hunter and Atsumu in Haikyuu.

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