Where public funds should be spent

By Carlton Ishmael

Everyone has a complaint about what they think the government’s priorities are when it comes to needs.

If you’re a commuter or vehicle owner, the national cry is potholes and roads. If you were a recent victim of last weekend’s extreme weather event, the cry would be for flood mitigation, drainage and personal victim assistance. If you’re from the south, the cry is for St. Jude’s Hospital. And if you’ve just left school, the cry is about the need for job opportunities.

Depending on your disposition, everyone has a point of view and a voice, as well as an opinion. But unfortunately, the natural and human resources we have in abundance do not add revenue to the equation. The current government is struggling with recurring expenses, particularly with regard to employee compensation.

Our debts and external liabilities are at an astronomical figure, the projected projects and programs have a high cost, especially if we have to comply with global standards and environmental concerns related to global warming and the dreams and aspirations of the population and to his demanding attitudes.

A large number of beneficiary commercial sector establishments give little in return, because by working with the government to start a sustainable project to improve livelihoods, and to top it off, the opposition party ensures that they highlight all the shortcomings of the government, especially with regard to the commitments made on the campaign trail.

Don’t mind the loss of government revenue, needless to assess depression and COVID pandemic issues, forget about new school feeding program initiatives, or the reduction or eradication of some school fees. schooling within the education system. Or the introduction of new programs and additional assets given to the police.

But all that doesn’t seem to matter.

New laws and strategies to fight crime or keep the city clean all seem to no longer be a concern, with some thinking we should just keep borrowing despite mismanagement, bad deals, thefts, bluffs, bad and bad works, and the many foolish decisions made in the past and present should not be a reason to hinder growth.
The amount of revenue lost by the government in absorbing the cost of cooking gas or gas for pumps, all of this means nothing because we elected the government to solve the problems.

Wow! What a burden for those who represent, as one wants to make straw bricks as in Egypt at the time of the pharaohs.

What a disgruntled people we have become. Our soul seems to have disappeared in the process.


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