We are here to change the future of Goa: Mamata

Dec 15 2021 | 7:36 AM HIST

We are here to change the future of Goa: Mamata

“If a Gujarati can come to Goa, then why not the Bengali”, says TMC chief

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MAPUSA: Trinamool’s Congressional Supremo and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Tuesday: “We are not here to rule but to change Goa’s future.”

Addressing a public meeting in Assonora, the Chief Minister of West Bengal greeted all freedom fighters in Goa.

The meeting was held in the backyard and constituency of Kiran Khandolkar, a great Bhandari leader who left the Goa Forward Party and joined the TMC.

Addressing the meeting, Banerjee said, “This is a historic place that created history. Goa and West Bengal have similarities like football, fish, folk songs, sea, etc.

She accused the BJP of polluting the Ganga river. “The Ganga River, which is considered the purest river in the country, is polluted with corpses by the BJP government.”

Banerjee said: “If a Gujarati can come to Goa, then why not the Bengali and have a leader who can run the whole country. We are not here to rule Goa but to change Goa’s future.

Minutes later, at another public rally in Tivim flanked by the Kandolkars on either side, Banerjee greeted Alvito D’Cunha, a former member of the Indian national football team. After the induction, D’Cunha said, “I have been an admirer of Didi’s capable leadership and the work she has done in West Bengal. Congress and the other parties have failed to defeat the BJP all these years and TMC is the only alternative that will save the state from drowning.

Reiterating TMC’s determination to usher in a ‘new dawn’ in the state, Banerjee said, “In the same way that we chased BJP out in Bengal, in Goa too, the alliance will succeed in driving out BJP. The BJP sunset will begin in Goa.

At the end of her day of meetings, the Chief Minister of West Bengal tweeted a thank you note saying, “As my day draws to a close, my heart is filled with joy. I promise I will fight for you to the last drop of my blood. Together we will save Goa from @ BJP4India. We will save Goa from this disaster!

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