Watch Top 7 American Idol Contestants Record Original Songs In BTS Video


The top 7 contests of season 20 of american idol release their own original songs. The 7 singers Christian Guardian, Fritz Hager, huntress, Jay Copeland, Lea Marlene, Nicolina Bozzoand Noah Thompson took to the studio to record their new tracks and gave viewers an intimate behind-the-scenes look into their creative process.

Christian has teamed up with the producer DannyBoyStyles to record the song “Higher”. “If I’m being honest with you, I knew that was the song the second I heard it,” the 21-year-old shared. “I just fell in love with it.”

Jay recorded the song “Unlonely” with the help of the producer Mr. Franks. “So far he’s been killing it,” the producer said. “He’s absolutely breaking that record.” Nicolina also went into the studio with Mr. Franks to cut her original song. “Let me tell you something, she’s crazy,” he said.

Noah worked with the Nashville producer and songwriter jimmy robbin cut a country track. “Noah has never been in a recording studio before and he came through like a pro.” The 20-year-old singer had a great first time in the studio, saying, “I love how it turned out. I’m really happy with it.” Huntergirl also worked with Robbins for her track “Red Bird,” fulfilling a longtime dream. “I’ve wanted to work with Jimmy ever since I got to Nashville…to be in the room with him was just a surreal experience.” This feeling is reciprocated with Robbins calling Huntergirl “the real deal”.

Leah collaborated with the producer King Henry for her song “Flowers,” which she wrote after going through the show’s Hollywood week. “Working with Leah was awesome,” the producer said. “She has one of the craziest voices I’ve ever heard.” Fritz also teamed up with King Henry for his single. “It wasn’t too hard to do just because he’s such a good singer.”

All 7 tracks will be released on May 13 before the top 5 Fritz, Noah, HunterGirl, Nicola and Leah compete to become the next american idol on the final episode with a guest mentor Carrie Underwood airs Sunday, May 15.


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