Warning to drivers: motorists are urged to be careful when listening to popular songs


With summer weather already here, thousands of motorists will be planning road trips and weekend getaways. And, one of the best ways to stay relaxed in the car while traveling is to listen to some of the best driving songs.

However, listening to good music while driving can be dangerous, according to the experts at Select Car Leasing.

Automotive experts have analyzed 600 Spotify playlists that mention words such as car, commuting, driving, highway, road and road trip.

This represented nearly 40,000 songs.

The experts then relied on a study on the effects of music on driver temperament to draw conclusions.

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As for most popular driving song, that award was snatched from Mr Brightside by The Killers.

While not the most impactful, according to experts, it’s definitely one of the all-time favorites.

Mr. Brightside appeared 57 times on the 600 playlists.

Although there is no clear connection to driving, the song’s popularity cannot be disputed, with over 475 million views on YouTube.

More surprising is Olivia Rodrigo’s good 4u in second position.

Despite being released only a year ago in May 2021 – almost 18 years after Mr Brightside – the song has only appeared five times less in searches.

It also has over 370 million views on YouTube, three-quarters of The Killers record in a fraction of the time.


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