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Against Tavarez in the 2nd constituency

To respect the Constitution means to be held responsible for its violation. Qualified police immunity (a judge-created immunity) allows, I believe, police officers to violate the Constitution without consequence.

On February 21, 2nd Congressional District candidates Tim Alexander, Carolyn Rush, and Hector Tavarez took part in a question and answer session hosted by Maureen Leidy as president of the South Jersey Democratic Women’s Forum. Questions were submitted by potential voters to be answered separately, and each candidate met with different groups of voters.

It was a great way for candidates to reach out to voters, show who they are and, most importantly, what they stand for. That’s why they signed up.

The event went well and was very informative until Tavarez was asked about policing. Although he was convinced of qualified police immunity, I think he became defensive when someone pushed back on his answer that lawyers got rich from frivolous lawsuits for alleged police misconduct. He suggested that police recruiting could take place in high school gymnasiums because the best sportsmen could be future leaders. Tim Alexander, a civil rights attorney and former police officer, explained that plaintiffs’ attorneys only get paid when their client wins.

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Leidy has made it his mission to promote Democratic candidates in a positive way. As Democrats, we need a candidate who embodies professionalism and decency. I think Tavarez is the wrong candidate.

The dramatized suffering of authorized persons

Regarding recent history, “The Neulander family ‘appalled’ by the musical”:

Art is often born out of human suffering and wrongful human behavior. The Neulander tragedy is a good example.

We sympathize with the inextricable pain of the children, but the artist, Matt Schatz, has every right to dramatize the horror of the events that unfolded in Cherry Hill 27 years ago.

As Schatz says, “Theatre is a space to ask questions about our tragedies, our tribulations and our conflicts”.


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