Bishop Desmond Tutu

Despite the challenges the nation faces, this is one of the great times to be a proud Nigerian! The government headed by President Buhari made me proud. The recent reciprocal reduction of Emirates flights to Nigeria from 21 per week to just one, in retaliation for the United Arab Emirates’ limitation of Air Peace flights to Dubai through Sharjar Airport to one flight per week , sent a reassuring message that the federal government will go to full length to protect the interests of indigenous airlines and Nigerian air travelers.

End After 90 years, many of which have been spent in the service of others, the South African anti-apartheid hero and world-renowned human rights icon, Mr. Desmond Tutu, has breathed his last.

The ghosts of the inconceivable wickedness of the apartheid regime in South Africa, of Chinese rule in Tibet, of Israel’s heinous expedition to Palestine and indeed of injustice everywhere must have heaved huge sighs of relief as the chest carrying one of Africa’s greatest hearts of all time rose and fell for the last time.

The sorrow in the praise and homage to the humble priest of God all over the world was unmistakable, for in a man of small stature but immense courage, one of the most heinous systems of inequality ever known to men has more than met its equal.

Along with the immortal Nelson Mandela and a host of others who spent long years in South African prisons, Desmond Tutu fought apartheid to a standstill and thus gave birth to the Rainbow Nation. sky.

A man of the margins and voice of the voiceless, he knew the limits of marginalization from his native South Africa, then around the world, becoming a megaphone who demanded responsibility and justice against the most discriminatory systems in the world.

In the journey of peoples and countries, history has shown that men are capable of incredibly wicked inventions. When they feel like it and when the unfathomable hypocrisy of the incredibly admissible international order permits, oppressive systems are imposed on minorities by powerful countries.

The world has witnessed many horrific genocides. Serious crimes against humanity have also been committed in many parts of the world. To this day, there are systems in some countries that crush minorities. The lessons of the Nazi regime and of World War II did not penetrate many people.

It was against one of those systems rooted in the inherently evil apartheid regime in South Africa that Desmond Tutu rose up and fought until he fell. Today, however, inequalities remain rooted in South African society.

Desmond Tutu was also outraged at the plight of Tibetans and Palestinians at the hands of China and Israel respectively. A man of minorities, he knew what life was like under ruthless regimes that thrived on systemic inequality.

Today the world continues to teeter with inequality. In Africa, where providence has deposed Desmond Tutu, corruption and abominable leadership have continued to fuel inequalities, pushing families and their children deeper into poverty.

The only thing many African leaders know how to do is find funds from their countries to offshore accounts. This unease not only afflicts aging African despots, some young African leaders are putting their youth at the service of the kinetics of kleptocracy. More than ever, the future looks bleak for African children.

Desmond Tutu fought for an equal world, without discrimination and full of equal opportunities for all. In many ways, he’s left a world gravely sickened by its grotesque inequalities that are a little more egalitarian than he has encountered.

But the task of ending inequalities and discrimination against minorities remains more urgent than ever. In many parts of the world, there are too many people who are in the minority, either because of their religion, race or ethnicity to feel comfortable. The plight of Myanmar’s Rohingya immediately comes to mind. As in Myanmar, so are the Uyghurs in China and the Tibetan people.

During his lifetime, Desmond Tutu showed the world that the vigil against oppression and inequality must be infallible and never ending. The world must keep this vigil.
Good night Mpilo.

– Kene Obiezu, [email protected]


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