Touching love message from Indian and Persian masters


Shujaat Husain Khan, Katayoun Goudarzi, Shaho Andalibi and Shariq Mustafa – This pale (Lycopode Records, 2021)

This Pale is the fabulous new collaboration between Shujaat Husain Khan and Katayoun Goudarzi, two masters representing two of the richest musical traditions in the world, India and Persia. Shujaat Husain Khan is an Indian sitar virtuoso from the Imdadkhani gharana (music school). His captivating sitar style mimics the human voice. By her side, Katayoun Goudarzi is an Iranian-American singer with a remarkable voice, deeply inspired by classical Persian poetry.

Additionally, This Pale features two other stunning performers, Iranian Ney Master Shaho Andalibi and qualified Indian tabla performer Shariq Mustafa.

The four artists deliver an impeccable, evocative and masterfully crafted recording with stellar instrumental performances and deeply moving and magnificent lyricism.

This pale is inspired by the poetry of the influential 13th century poet and mystic Rumi, especially his love poems.

Previous collaborations of Shujaat Husain Khan and Katayoun Goudarzi include Shams (2008), Delbar (2009), Safran Dawn (2013), Spring (2013), Ruby (2015), and Do you want? (2017).

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Author: Angel Romero

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