Top 5 songs of April 2022, from Seventeen’s “Darl + Ing” to Ive’s “Love Dive”


From Seventeen’s ‘Darl+Ing’ to lve’s ‘Love Dive’, the top five tracks of April 2022

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It’s hard to keep up with the biggest hits of the year with so many new K-pop musicians. But don’t worry, we’ve thought of everything. Fans around the world have ranked as the top K-pop songs of 2022.

A few producers were spotted in April. DKZ’s Cupid has made its way into our playlist due to its catchy hook. GHOST9’s x-ray has also improved over time. Last month, however, there were a lot of duds. We are tired of garish boy band recordings and desperately need more substantial melodies. We want the retro trend in the music industry to move away from quiet urban pop and embrace the more explosive characteristics of the era.

Anyway… April followed in the footsteps of the previous months. We had a number of good songs, but none stood out. We’ve seen several industry legends return (Bigbang, PSY, Onew), as well as a few debuts. However, the majority of April felt insignificant.

We’re hopeful for May, as depressed as we are about 2022. We’re keeping an eye out for a few key returns. Some of our favorites are back, and we hope they finally kick off the year.

This list showcases the best of the best in the K-pop landscape, whether it’s music from big K-pop acts like BTS or TWICE or overlooked bands that deserve more attention. Collaborations with western singers are also featured in some of the greatest tracks. Start adding these songs to your playlists from our list of the best K-pop songs of 2022!

1. Gray suit




3. Feel My Rhythm

Red Velvet 2022

4. Darl + Ing

Seventeen. 2022

5. Dive in love

I. 2022

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