Top 3 Music Streaming Platforms Artists Can Operate In 2021, According To Addison Hellum


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In today’s age, technology is still finding ways to bring people together. The invention of online music streaming platforms that allow artists to access global audiences with one click has completely changed the landscape of digital distribution. In a recent interview, Addison Hellum, Founder and CEO of Starling, explained the top three music streaming platforms artists can use to maximize their growth in 2021.

Spotify is a platform which artists can use to increase their income. The site has over 355 million listeners in 170 countries, and an artist can track how their songs are performed to different audiences around the world. Spotify has more users in South America and Europe than Apple Music. Additionally, artists can boost their songs on the platform using tools like Marquee, thus increasing their fan base.

Hellum also explains that artists can also use YouTube Music as a platform to leverage their earnings. At least 2 billion people with a Google account watch videos on YouTube every month. To enjoy YouTube Music, make sure that your videos have high quality audio and video, as well as cover art. Apple Music is also a great platform with over 72 million users in 167 countries. Compared to other platforms, Apple pays artists better rates per stream and has more subscribers than Spotify in the United States.

Hellum discovered he had a knack for technology from a young age, but scorned the idea of ​​doing anything boring with skills. So he ventured into the entertainment industry and successfully led several artists, mainly in the electronic scene. Hellum also helped his early projects gain millions of streams, and in 2019 he was hired by Sony Music to smash new artists for the label. The same year, Hellum created his music company Starling. It focuses on services to artists such as music production, promotion and digital distribution.

Artists are expected to use music streaming platforms to take advantage in 2021. In a recent interview, Hellum, known to be tech-savvy, helping independent artists use the same disruptive tools as major labels, explains that YouTube Music, Spotify and Apple Music are three platforms artists can tap into in 2021.

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