Top 10 Trending NFT Music and Festivals of 2022 and Beyond

by Apoorva Bellapu October 2, 2022

Who thought that music would also find its place in the NFT market? Well, lately more and more singers and musicians are showing their keen interest in performing art. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top 10 trending NFT music and festivals of 2022 and beyond.

omgkirby x CT

omgkirby x CT is the most recent version of omgkirby. It is part of the omgkirby x Channel Tres collection, which includes 5,550 songs, each with its own BPM and pitch. This includes uploading the song to DSPs, using it for your own content, and exploiting the track in any other way. Another point that cannot go unnoticed is how one can access global SAN music events and limited edition collectibles.

Orbs by BT

The trading volume here has increased tremendously and every day is a surprise package. The last couple of weeks have been quite promising for that, as the uptick in trading volume speaks volumes.

Collins Animals

Collins Animals is yet another NFT music and festivals of 2022 that you cannot miss. Over 35 “Wolf Collins” NFT units, 31 “Cat Collins” NFT units, 34 “Eagle Collins” NFT units and 36 “Ape Collins” NFT units were sold, resulting in a total of 136 fewer sales of 6 hours.

another block

What’s really happening here is that top-tier creators are selling a portion of their royalties to music enthusiasts. Another rights holder sells a portion of the streaming royalties it receives from digital service providers (such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal) on another block and those streaming royalties can be acquired in the form of non-financial tokens (NFT) containing additional assets and utilities.


Blocktones was released on September 24 and is on the list of top-selling NFT music collections. It is a multimedia NFT project that combines generative audio and 3D animation from the most renowned digital artists and producers in the industry. Here Web3 meets MP3.


The creators of Kingship have made it clear that Key Cards not only provide access to the world of Kingship, but also represent an entirely new method of showcasing artists and music. Additionally, they also allow us to provide our superfans with exclusive content, merchandise and token-restricted experiences.

SAN origin

It is a music-centric ecosystem that focuses on improving access and experiences for new musicians and their fans. This ecosystem combines art, fashion, live events, hardware, and music streaming with cutting-edge applications of privacy, security, and governance technologies. Can he get better?

Hume Genesis

The best part of Hume Genesis is that NFT holders have an exclusive one-hour presale window for purchasing Blocktones. This is yet another NFT music collection which has been quite promising for the users.


This group is also very active on social networks and also has a good position in the NFT market. The Genesis Collection, a collection of 3,000 one-of-a-kind generative lo-fi beats, was used to form the omgkirby DAO.

Stickman Toys

One point worth mentioning is that Bose, the audio equipment leader, is teaming up with Warner Records to release a line of NFT toys called “Stickmen Toys”. This project is based on the producer duo “The Stickmen Project”.

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