‘Titans of COVID’ – Governor of Sikkim congratulates frontline warriors


Gangtok: Governor of Sikkim, Ganga Prasad attended the “Titan of Covid Warrior” congratulatory ceremony held at a local hotel on September 23. The congratulations program was hosted by the Gangtok Hill Lions Club as a sign of respect for the warriors and the social organization of Covid, who have been instrumental in helping victims of the coronavirus and have also suffered from the lockdown.
In his speech, the governor spoke about the importance of organ donation and also called for a national movement on organ donation. He urged people to come forward to raise awareness of this noble cause as a gesture of humanity.

The governor of Sikkim expressed his intention to initiate the establishment of an eye bank in Sikkim and said: “I want my fellow Sikkimais to join this noble initiative. I believe organ donation, especially eye donation, is the greatest human service that an individual can understand in life. I always encourage people to donate eyes after death. By donating an eye, we not only light up the life of a visually impaired person, but we also give new life and continue to live through the eye of the recipient. Eye donation or organ donation is a great service ”

During the program, ten Covid-19 warriors from various fields such as the Department of Health, the Department of Disaster Management, the Gangtok Municipal Corporation, the Sikkim Police and Media, and the Social Organization Service to Mankind have were congratulated by presenting the governor’s congratulations.

The program was attended by the mayor, deputy mayor, the commissioner of GMC and other guests. (IPR)


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