TikTok releases its first album of viral hits


PARIS, France — Some of the biggest viral hits on TikTok have received the full orchestral treatment and will get a mainstream release on CD and vinyl this summer, the platform announced Friday.

The tie-up with Warner Classics is the first time TikTok has ventured into the mainstream music market and will see all 18 songs released on streaming platforms as well as record stores.

Anyone who’s spent a lot of time on the video streaming platform will recognize songs like Alice Merton’s “No Roots” which has been used on 1.3 million videos. Or the pleasant piano song “Pieces” by Danilo Stankovic, used by some 3.4 million TikTokkers.

All have been reworked by the Babelsberg Film Orchestra of Germany.

“Listening to No Roots in a new musical context is inspiring,” Merton said in a statement. “I’m excited about the project and can’t wait to see how it will come to life.”

Some cuts reflect the eerie tunes that can explode across the platform, like “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys,” the upbeat flute-filled ditty that makes perfect background music for many light-hearted videos (27.1 million and counting).

“Wellerman Sea Shanty” is reminiscent of the seafaring shack craze that took over TikTok in early 2021 after a Scottish postman, Nathan Evans, recorded himself singing the 19th-century folk song.

It spread like wildfire, with Queen’s Brian May and veteran songwriter Andrew Lloyd Webber among those who offered their versions of the viral tune.

Thirty-second clips of the 18 augmented songs were available for use on TikTok as of Friday.

Six full-length singles from the album will hit streaming platforms on July 8, with the full album, “TikTok Classics: Memes and Viral Hits,” hitting streamers and stores in August.

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