The dark meaning of his famous song “El Apagón”


Yuri: The Dark Meaning of His Famous Song “El Apagón” | INSTAGRAM

The song performed by the famous mexican singerYuri, is one of his greatest hits of all time, however, since you first hear the song, something strange is going on in this one.

This is how users social networks began to analyze the meaning of the sentences found in said themeafter Yuri proclaims himself against the community and the various movements that are currently taking place in Mexico.

The controversy reaches song and users assure that it speaks of gender violence against women, a situation totally disapproved by Internet users who have noticed what he is talking about in this musical entertainment.

It was on the video platform ICT Tac where users analyzed sentence by sentence find a disturbing message, the story of a person who suffered a physical attack while walking in the street

At the start of the song, the interpreter says you were walking down the street when a power outage suddenly happened, assuring you it was best to keep quiet about what happened to you.

Apparently, these messages hidden in the song were even darker than we thought, because it could be that the protagonist reveals that it was her father who carried out said activity.

Although the song is one of Yuri’s most famous, it is a cover, the original song appeared in 1942 under the authority of Ernesto Cortazar and Manuel Esperón, who also composed other great songs.

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