“Soul Nourishing”: the Home County Music Festival organizes an ephemeral event


London, Ont. –

Tim Fraser hadn’t listened to live music in person for a year and a half.

The artistic director of the Home County Music and Art Festival (HCMAF) was enjoying the sunshine and warm weather Monday at the Fanshawe Pioneer Village (FPV) in London, Ont. because his organization organized a mini-event over the weekend with three daily artists.

“For me, too, it really nourishes the soul,” Fraser said.

For two days, FPV’s Heritage Village featured performances by local artists Noelle Frances, Renee Coughlin + Steve Plimmer and Michael Trudgen.

“You work so hard and diligently in your spare time to create great music and have a space to share it with other people is always amazing,” said Trudgen, an autistic instrumental guitarist from London, Ont. “Whether it’s in front of one person or looks like about 20 people here so far today.”

Steve Plimmer (left) and Renee Coughlin perform at Fanshawe Pioneer Village in London, Ont. as part of the Home County Music and Art Festival pop-up event on Monday, October 11, 2021 (Brent Lale / CTV News)Trudgen said he was only able to perform a few times for concerts at the London Arts Council and at the outdoor market at Wildflowers Farm near St. Thomas, Ont.

“I think the hardships when you’re not having those experiences, you can’t feed off the energy of other people to see how you write and everything because it gives you great inspiration to keep moving forward,” Trudgen said. .

The HCMAF made the decision in March to cancel this summer’s event, and prepare for 2022.

They would have loved to be in Victoria Park on Monday with temperatures in their twenties and people enjoying the outdoors.

“Unfortunately, given our nature in Victoria Park, it’s really, really hard to control the numbers,” Fraser said. “You know it’s next to impossible to fence the whole park, so we made that call early on to push another year to make sure we can sort of get to the other side. We want to be in. able to present the best possible version of the festival, so we are very excited to be returning to Victoria Park next July. “

Fraser said they are already working towards next summer’s event.

“We’re starting to book artists for that and the lineup announcement will come in the spring, as always,” said Fraser. “This opportunity came to us sort of at the last minute, so there could be other little pop-up stuff with Christmas markets potentially with some little pop-up gigs, performances here and there across town. “.

Trudgen would appreciate the opportunity to perform more often, advocating for the venues to host live music.

“Keep sharing your spaces with everyone, we need more opportunities,” Trudgen said.

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