Rosa Linn’s Eurovision 2022 song ‘Snap’ debuts on Australia’s Spotify Weekly Top Songs


Image from Rosa Linn’s music video “Snap”

This year’s Armenian Eurovision entry, Rosa Linn’s “Snap,” continues to climb the streaming charts across the globe and has now debuted on Australia’s Spotify Weekly Top Songs chart.

“Snap” gained popularity following this year’s Eurovision Song Contest on TikTok, with the original version of the song being featured in more than 47,000 videos. The accelerated version of the song has racked up over 309,000 videos.

In our latest Spotify ranking article, July 17, Linn’s song had amassed over 17 million streams from June 18 to July 17, with now over 30 million streams since the songs were released.

Spotify charts in Australia

“Snap” debuted at No. 62 on the Spotify Weekly Top Songs Australia chart, racking up over 326,000 streams over the past week.

On the Daily Top Songs Australia chart, “Snap” has now peaked at No. 51, rising to over 50,000 streams a day. The song charted for nine consecutive days.

As for the Daily Viral Songs Australia chart, “Snap” peaked at No. 5 sitting on the chart for 22 consecutive days.

“Snap” hasn’t made it to the ARIA Singles Chart yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

Worldwide “Snap” mapping

The song has now made its chart debut in the UK.

‘Snap’ has so far charted on the following national charts around the world:

Rosa Linn at Eurovision

In Turin, Rosa Linn participated in the semi-final of Eurovision 2022 in Turin where ‘Snap’ earned her a place in the Grand Final, the first time for Armenia since 2017. Rosa Linn finished in 20th place overall, continuing Armenia’s run in the top 20 since their debut in 2006.

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