Reincarnated in Slime – Voice actors of all the main characters and where you’ve heard them before


The main characters of Reincarnated as a Slime really came to life thanks to their portrayal of these talented voice actors.

This time I reincarnated in slime is an extremely popular isekai animated series starring Rimuru Tempest, a heroic slime, who has learned to survive and thrive in this new realm. He’s gathered countless allied monsters and friends to his cause, and together they’ve created a whole new nation: the Jura Tempest Federation, which is populated by all kinds of colorful and fun characters.

Needless to say, such characters need talented actors to bring them to life, and Reincarnated in Slime features many skilled voice actors who portray these isekai characters in unforgettable ways. So who are these voice actors and where could they Vase have the fans heard them before?

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Miho Okasaki – The Magnificent Kotobuki and My Next Villain Life

rimuru slime

The hero, Rimuru Tempest, was once an ordinary Japanese employee until he was fatally stabbed in the streets of Tokyo and awakened to a new fantasy world in the form of blue slime, loaded with powers and abilities. . He took full advantage of this and began a quest to form a new kingdom with himself as a benevolent ruler, and he then began to take on human form to interact more naturally with both human and dwarf politicians and allies. Voice actor for his slime form Miho Okasaki also voiced the character of Mary Hunt in My next bad life and Maria in The magnificent Kotobuki.

Megumi Toyoguchi – Claymore & Dragon goes in search of a home

When Rimuru started his new life as a slime, he had some sort of fantastic AI named Great Sage implanted in his head, who can analyze magic and monsters for Rimuru on demand. Rimuru also consults with the Great Sage for tactical advice and administrative work, and after Rimuru becomes a True Demon Lord, the Great Sage becomes Raphael. Great Sage voice actor Megumi Toyoguchi voiced Lamia in Dragon goes in search of a house and Sophie in Claymore.

Mao Ichimichi – Horimiya and Fruit Basket

Rimuru befriended a squad of six ogres midway through Vase Season 1, featuring a fierce but loyal warrior named Shion. Once Shion became a kijin and earned her name, she became Rimuru’s No.1 fan and self-proclaimed secretary, and has been his eccentric but enthusiastic ally ever since. She also accompanied him to Walpurgis’ meeting of demon lords and fought alongside him. His voice actor, Mao Ichimichi, also played Remi Ayasaki in Horimiya and Motoko Minagawa in Basket of fruits.

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Makoto Furukawa – Kaguya-Sama: Love is War & Dr Stone

benimaru mud

Another great ogre ally of Rimuru is the flame swordsman Benimaru, who is committed to Rimuru’s cause. In Season 2, Rimuru trusted Benimaru to lead an army against Clayman’s forces in Eurazania territory, and Benimaru quickly proved his worth as a commander and fighter in the process. Its voice actor, Makoto Furukawa, is also known for voicing Miyuki Shirogane in the romantic comedy. Kaguya-Sama: Love is war and Taiju Oki in the isekai edutainment series Dr Pierre.

Rina Hidaka – Komi Can’t Communicate and the Rise of the Shield Hero

Milim fighting form slime

Despite her carefree personality and youthful appearance, Milim Nava is one of the oldest and most powerful demon lords of all, and she sided with Rimuru when he bribed her with food and fun. . Milim has declared herself Rimuru’s “best friend” and has been a chaotic but reliable ally for him ever since. She joined Rimuru in the new Octogram organization, earning former Demon Lords Frey and Carrion as her new subordinates. His voice actor, Rina Hidaka, also played Ren Yamai in the Netflix anime. Komi can’t communicate and Filo the girl-bird in another isekai series, Rise of the Shield Hero.

Takehito Koyasu – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Attack on Titan

clayman talking in slime

Demon Lord Clayman was Rimuru’s worst enemy for a long time, and he was the mastermind behind the joint Falmuth / Church assault on the capital of Rimuru. Clayman also attempted to control Milim as a puppet and attempted to smear Rimuru’s name during Walpurgis, ultimately losing to Rimuru when the two were finally allowed to have their fierce showdown. Clayman voice actor Takehito Koyasu has performed many roles since the late 1980s, but a few of the most notable include Dio Brando of JoJo’s bizarre adventure and Zeke Yeager / Beast Titan from The attack of the Titans.

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