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The Ala-Tom Resource, Conservation and Development Council had its press day Thursday to announce grants from the Alabama Legislature for 14 community agencies, schools and civic programs in Clarke County. The combined grants for the RC&D programs totaled $ 55,428. Presenting the check were Alabama House Representatives Thomas Jackson and State Senator Greg Albritton. House Representative Brett Easterbrook is in the background. Centered are Clarke County 4H Director Wendy Padgett and Ala-Tom RC&D State President and Southwest Alabama President Nick Williams. PHOTO BY JEFF BYRD

The Ala-Tom Resource, Conservation and Development Council on Thursday released its annual grant disbursements during its Clarke County press day at Grove Hill Town Hall.

The RC&D Council receives grants from the Alabama Legislature each year, then the money is allocated to Clarke County schools, agencies, and community programs throughout the county. This year, the Alabama legislature allocated $ 55,428 to RC&D. State Senator Greg Albritton, who chairs the Alabama Senate General Fund Committee, was in attendance for the presentation along with House Representatives Thomas Jackson from Thomasville and Brett Easterbrook from Washington County.

Albritton said the RC&D board has shown its ability to foster goodwill in the communities it serves and as long as he leads the general fund committee, this will remain a priority.

“I will continue to fund the Resources, Conservation and Development Council as much as we can afford each year, because it works,” Albritton said. “Our demands on the legislature are increasing, but we will get R&D funds. It is an organization that helps bring new ideas to help people in our communities in Alabama. “

Nick Williams is the Chairman of the RC&D Regional Council and this year he was named Chairman of the State of the RC&D Council of Alabama.

“With people like Senator Albritton and our representatives Thomas Jackson and Brett Easterbrook, we are looking to keep moving things forward,” said Williams. “Not only do we give grants, but we also have a revolving loan fund. We were able to provide a commercial loan to AJ’s (Iron Skillet) in Thomasville with loan funds. We have also helped minority farmers for a while with the necessary loans. This fund is intended for businesses that have difficulty obtaining a loan. “

The grant recipients this year were:

? The TNR program for the Clarke County Animal Shelter. This grant helps Animal Shelter’s TNR program which will allow feral cats to be humane captured, neutered, vaccinated and released into the population to live their lives in a natural environment.

? Thomasville Police Department Reach Improvement Project – This grant helps TPD meet critical needs to develop the class of firearms of the service.

? Project Rocky – The RC&D grant helped fund a dual purpose for the Thomasville Police Department by providing front cameras for K9 dogs to provide crucial video evidence and to help officers apply better safety procedures. The cameras serve a dual purpose of narcotics and apprehension incidents.

? Helwestern Fire and Thermal – The Helwestern Fire Department was able to get a new camera to help firefighters see behind walls and other places they couldn’t see.

? Thomasville High School Marching Band – The Mighty Tiger Marching Band has received funds to purchase a new ice machine and funds to purchase new marching band uniforms.

? Clarke County High School Band – The Royal Band of Blue has secured funds to purchase new instruments to improve the band’s sound.

? Grove Hill Elementary Green House – Funds here will help GHES build a 21st century community learning center.

? Pine City Farmers ‘Market – City council funds have helped Jackson’s Farmers’ Market move to a better location.

? Clarke County 4H Program – Wendy Padgett said this year’s funds have helped fund travel for worthy 4H applicants.

? STEM Agriculture Center. These funds have helped Jackson Middle School engage students with practical skills in gardening and eating well.

? University of Alabama Wall Trail – The new UA-sponsored trail will help show state artists through murals in several Alabama cities.

? HIPPY – The HIPPY program continues to help young students prepare for kindergarten.

? Southwest Alabama Boys and Girls Club – The Thomasville club has received funding to help set up a new reading program for students who have had to work remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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