Quadriplegic man bedridden for 19 hours after airline refused to charge $ 60,000 wheelchair


A quadriplegic man was bedridden for 19 hours after the airline broke his wheelchair in Boston and then refused to load it onto a plane in Charlotte, North Carolina, he and his New Jersey wife said on social networks.

Matt Wetherbee, 34, tweeted from a bed during a layover at Charlotte Douglas International Airport that American crew at Boston Logan International Airport damaged their chair.

Then Charlotte’s crew refused to load him onto the plane he was boarding with his wife and Kaitlyn Kiely – from Old Tappan, NJ – due to lack of space. The couple made headlines in 2018, when Keily pushed Wetherbee 26.2 miles through the Boston Marathon.

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The airline apparently told the couple that they could either get off the plane or get on without the chair.

Wetherbee, who lost the use of his legs in a freak basketball accident in 2016, relies on the $ 60,000 electric chair to get around.

Meanwhile, the airline has pushed Wetherbee off the plane in his shower chair, which he cannot stay in for more than an hour.

“It’s absolutely deplorable,” Kiely said on Instagram. “Do you really want to be known as the airline that deprived a quadriplegic not only of his basic human rights, but you made him never want to fly again.”

By the time Wetherbee’s chair was delivered, 19 hours later, it was completely broken, Kiely said.

By the time Wetherbee's chair was delivered, it was completely broken, Kiely said.

Kaitlyn Kiely
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By the time Wetherbee’s chair was delivered, it was completely broken, Kiely said.

Kaitlyn kiely

Kiely said what the airline did was a federal violation.

Kaitlyn kiely

An enraged Kiely said what the airline had done was a federal offense.

American Airlines has made the following statement to Daily Mail:

“We strive to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all of our customers, including those who travel with wheelchairs and assistive devices, and we sincerely regret that Mr. Wetherbee has had a negative experience with us.”

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