PUP, Kaina, Uwade, Plus: All Songs Considered: NPR


Top row, left to right: Kaina, Maita, Uwade; Bottom row: PUP

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Courtesy of the artists

I’ll start the show strong, with new music from Toronto band PUP and a song on a computer overwhelmed with human emotion. The song “Robot Writes A Love Song” is on their next album, HOW PUPTHEBAND HAPPENS. Next, NPR’s Marissa Lorusso takes us into the quieter sounds of MAITA, a former contestant in NPR’s Tiny Desk competition. His new song is a story of loneliness during his studies in Japan, it is called “Loneliness”. After that Marissa plays an Alt.Latino favorite, the artist known as KAINA and her song “Apple”.

The second half of this week’s show is hosted by Uwade, a 21-year-old singer born in Nigeria and raised in North Carolina. His song “Do You See The Light Around Me?” is about a crush and the self-consciousness and self-doubt associated with that infatuation.

We then hear the Tuareg group from southern Algeria, Imarhan and the hypnotic sounds of the song “Achinkad”. I end the show with mysterious music that includes birdsong, a peaceful outdoor ambiance, and a synthesizer that has a music box quality to it. Istanbul-born, Glasgow-based artist Isik Kural’s song is called “paper hat”.

Featured Artists and Tracks:

1. PUP: “Robot writes a love song”, taken from HOW PUPTHEBAND WORKS


2. MAITA: “Solitude”, from I just wanna be wild for you


3. KAINA: “Apple”, from It was a house


4. Uwade: “Do you see the light around me?” (Only)

5. Imarhan: “Achinkad”, from Aboogi


6. Isik Kural: “paper hat”, from in February



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