Punjabi culture and traditions spotlight Vaisakhi celebrations at Khalsa College


AMRITSAR : Rich Punjabi cultural traditions were the highlights of Vaisakhi celebrations at the historic Khalsa College campus here today. Students and staff, dressed in traditional costumes, had moments of celebration as music, dancing and stalls depicting cultural heritage added color to the start of the harvest season celebrations.

The mega Mela was staged in the sprawling cricket grounds with youngsters tasting Punjabi delicacies, rides and buying traditional items from the stalls. It was all fun and frolic as the crowd resorted to Gidda, Bhangra and Jhoomer mingled with tunes of folk songs and lyrics.

Participants said the composite Punjabi culture was on display, with the university grounds proving to be a backdrop of cultural richness.

Apart from the presentation of plays by the College’s drama artists, the dance competitions drew massive applause as the teachers also joined in the celebrations.

The campus also came alive as it gave the impression of a huge Mela village as delicacies including Jalebies and Pakodas were plentifully served.

The College students’ demonstration of Gatka was well received, while the College orchestra performed traditional Punjabi music and danced together without inhibitions. Khalsa College Board of Trustees Honorary Secretary Rajinder Mohan Singh who was the chief guest on the occasion said that such celebrations connect the younger generation with the traditions of Punjab.

“The Mela gives an insight into the whole composite culture of Punjab. There are many cultural practices that are now disappearing. It is good that we educate young people about our rich heritage,” said Chhina. Principal Dr. Mehal Singh said he wanted to provide students with the opportunity to experience the rich Punjabi culture.

He said it also provides students with opportunities to take part in cultural performances and connect with the rich heritage.

The students also recited ‘Boliyan’ (folk song) to welcome the festival of ‘Vaisakhi’ which is associated with good times at the advent of the harvest month in Punjab. The Dhol beats continued throughout the day and with the changing times, modern pop music songs are also blending in with the traditional. “It’s a festival of good times and with regard to the arrival of the harvest season,” said Professor Davinder Singh, Registrar of the College.


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