“Priti Patel’s plan for Rwanda is cruel and does not help desperate asylum seekers” – Voice of the Mirror


Seeing babies rescued from the sea is heartbreaking. That is why, when we talk about refugees, everyone involved must be treated with compassion. They are desperate and vulnerable

Home Secretary Priti Patel

Priti Patel’s latest plan for refugees has been described as impractical, poorly thought out and possibly illegal. But the government is pushing and we could soon send refugees to Rwanda.

The scheme caused an outcry as soon as it was revealed, drawing cross-party condemnation and derision from pundits.

Some would say that’s what he was there for – to distract from the Prime Minister’s current crisis with Partygate and falling polls.

Others say it’s been happening for months. Whatever. It’s a scheme that the more you examine it, the crueler and wackier it seems.

Two-thirds of the people who flee to our shores are fleeing conflict. Look at the pictures in today’s newspaper.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson


Getty Images)

We see a lot of photos like this, and it’s easy to get cynical. But seeing babies rescued from the sea is desperate. That is why, when we talk about refugees, everyone involved must be treated with compassion.

They are desperate, vulnerable and at the limit of what they can bear. Shipping people thousands of miles is not what they need. They need care.

On the Rwandan side of the scheme, misery continues. Incredibly, as we reveal today, the building our asylum seekers are to be housed in is home to dozens of war victims – and they are being deported.

People scarred by the genocide are forced to leave to make way for the refugees we send. These are people’s lives.

People who have experienced the worst traumas, who thought they had a home.

The truth is that in the dusty rooms of Whitehall, they are just pieces on a chessboard. But it’s not a game. It’s time to think again and deal with the problem humanely.

Crack down on smuggling gangs, process claims faster, open more routes. Whatever you do, Home Secretary, before you start, try to find some compassion. Even a shard would help.

Perfect tribute

Compassion abounds in the story we tell you today about Pete Wallroth.

When his wife Mair died of cancer just 10 weeks after giving birth to their baby, he was devastated.

But he used his pain to start a new charity and pledged to help others in the same situation. This means that Mair’s legacy is not just in her beautiful children, but in the many others helped by Pete and the charity created in his name.

What better way to ensure the longevity of her memory and what better tribute to a special woman.

jump for joy

There’s a lot of pressure to put something funny here…sort of a pun to wish you Happy Easter. But we won’t crack. It’s a great time of year anyway. No need to be bunny.

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