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If these two faces sound familiar to you, it might be because they’ve appeared on Folk Radio as Rainy Day Woman before. Hailing from Exmouth, Devon, Hannah Pawson and Gabriel Wynne are now based in Bristol and have a new name: Fritillaries.

Along with the announcement of their name change, the duo are releasing a new single on December 10 titled ‘Work late‘, a song of anger and frustration regarding the treatment of asylum seekers in the UK.

They also launched a Kickstarter for their debut album, which you can support here.

Hannah shared the following on the new single Work late:

“I was thinking of the treatment of asylum seekers in the UK and the systems that perpetuate abuse. I had trained and worked as a social worker from 2016 to 2019 and met many people in desperate situations including asylum seekers with the constant threat of deportation or detention and the very real prospect of being separated from their family, their life and loved ones. . I found the necessary impartiality as a social worker difficult: I was a state agent supporting people oppressed by the very state I represented. I left this career feeling quite broken, like the system in which I had played a role. As an agent of a failed system, I felt like I was letting people down who were in desperate need of support. Leaving this role after years of training, I felt like I was once again letting down these people, as well as my colleagues and friends who were trying so hard under impossible circumstances. The people I felt like I was letting down are the ones the song is about, especially the people who deserve the support they rarely get.

“The song as I wrote it was angry and hurtful, and we didn’t get very far arranging it as a duet. We ended up trying it out during the recording session of our single. Little bird, with the impromptu arrangement that emerged becoming the single. Andy Hamill (double bass) helped us dig into the groove, with Kit Massey (violin) adding energy and bluegrass grunt and Ru Lemer (producer) adding cohesion and helping to deepen the song’s pop sensibility. We think it’s catchy, dark, and enigmatic, with an immediacy that comes from having only a few hours to learn, arrange, and record.

Working Late has a great lonely quality, especially in Hannah’s voice, which deeply underlies the hopelessness of the situation many find themselves in through no fault of their own.

Gabriel shared the following about the duo’s name change and their upcoming debut album:

“Working Late is our first release under our new name, Fritillaries. The lockdown saw us and our music at a pretty low level: we had tried going full-time in December 2019 and had spent the winter booking shows for the spring and summer, which had all been canceled. We didn’t play a lot, other than a few songs Hannah wrote, which were different from the ones we’ve been playing in recent years – quieter, more personal. Over time, we came to create more delicate arrangements for quieter songs, as well as more melodic upbeat tunes designed for the four-string group we had recorded with. The name change was born out of a desire to reflect this growth which, like much of the magic around creating and enjoying music, has occurred in the dark and over time.

“Following our signing with Pear O’Legs Records earlier this year, we are currently in the process of creating our debut album, Fritillaries, which we will release in the summer of 2022. We have been overwhelmed by the response to our Kickstarter campaign, which runs until December 16, although there is still a long way to go. We can’t overstate how excited we are about the album – we have songs and arrangements we’re extremely proud of and relationships with great musicians that will help us put our vision in people’s ears. The album is about the people, places and experiences missed and rediscovered in isolation and the things we discover growing when we dig into spaces that light does not reach.

Work late was born from a new raw idea played live with the musicians gathered for our Little bird recording session. With the foundation of a truly powerful and expansive ensemble and a set of songs that we are extremely proud of, we look forward to Fritillaries come out next year.

Help them achieve their dreams and support them through Kickstarter here.

They will be releasing their new single on Thursday December 9 at ‘Working Late’ at 7:30 p.m., Bristol, UK

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