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The South African Music Rights Organization (Samro) has urged local businesses to book exclusive online performances for their staff working from home.

Samro chairman Nicholas Maweni said local artists were having a hard time with the country under tighter lockdown regulations and looming greater economic uncertainty.
In an effort to help struggling local artists and single people working from home, Samro encouraged booking performances online. “As we try to curb the spread of the virus, many South Africans have been forced to work from home. While some people have embraced this, others feel lonely, stressed and isolated from having to work alone, ”Maweni said.

“To boost the morale of some employees and provide them with quality entertainment, we are calling on businesses and organizations to book shows online through our members, or concerts featuring their work. “

Maweni explained that once the show is booked, it will be broadcast exclusively to a group of employees invited by the company.
Maweni said the ban on all live performances dealt a serious blow to the members of Samro. “As royalties from the use of their work continue to flow in, the lion’s share of our members’ revenue comes from live performances. “

Samro works to administer performing rights on behalf of its members, typically composers and authors, by licensing music users through the collection of license fees which are then distributed as royalties. . “A lot of artists are really struggling right now and it is our duty as Samro to protect their rights and ensure their ultimate survival.”

Maweni said Samro wasn’t just asking for handouts. “In return for their participation, the companies will have access to some of the country’s best musical talent and performances of great original compositions.”

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