On Air announces a trio of stunning and groundbreaking performances from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra


On Air today announces the forthcoming release of a trio of performances by the famous Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Driven by Pierre Breinerthe three shows feature compositions by Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971), the revolutionary composer behind one of the most vital and profound movements of the past 100 years: Neo-Classicism.

Recorded in stunning 4K UHD Dolby Vision with Dolby Atmos technologies, the three pieces played are The Bird of Fire, Petrushka and The Rite of Spring.

The Bird of Fire’ will be available for streaming from November 17, Petrushka from December 8, and The Rite of Spring from December 22. All three shows will be available to watch on demand after release.

Jakub Krampl, CEO, On Air comments: “We are very pleased to present three exceptional pieces by Stravinsky with the RPO and Peter Breiner. As with every new show, we raise the bar and this time it’s no different. Classic shows are visually dull, with a front-facing camera and few angles, not reflecting the dynamics of the music itself. We take a different approach and the end product is exciting both visually and acoustically. Will some purists hate it? Maybe, but we aim to bring a younger audience to our shows who will appreciate the modern twist.

RPO Chief Executive, Ian Maclay adds: “Working with On Air has been a fantastic chance for us to continue our journey to make orchestral music accessible to everyone, placing it at the heart of contemporary society.”

About the shows

Fire Bird – a ballet and orchestral concert work created at the Paris Opera on June 25, 1910, The Firebird catapulted Stravinsky to international fame. Although conceived as a work for the stage, with specific passages accompanying the characters and the action, the music has achieved equal, if not greater, recognition as a concert piece.

Petrushka – Second full score of Stravinsky for the Ballets Russes following the success of Fire Birdand premiered at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris in 1911. His initial idea was a concertante piece for piano representing “a puppet suddenly endowed with life, exasperating the patience of the orchestra with diabolical cascades of arpeggios”.

The Rite of Spring a ballet and orchestral concert work premiered at Champs Elysees Theater on May 29, 1913. Containing many novelties for its time, including experiments in key, meter, rhythm, stress and dissonance, the music achieved equal if not superior recognition as a concert piece and is widely considered one of the most influential music. 20th century works, and is one of the most recorded works of the classical repertoire.

These classical performances follow On Air’s inaugural classical music event in December 2020 – a live stream from by Beethoven 9th symphony – and three-part classic series of 2021 which featured the last and sublime symphonies of Brahms, Dvorak and mozart.

Conductor Peter Breiner concludes:One can hardly imagine a better way to get started in classical music than these three major works by Stravinsky which form the basis of every orchestra’s repertoire. The collaboration of the brilliant RPO and top-notch producers resulted in a visually and aurally quite extraordinary recording.


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