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In Robin Munro’s otherwise detailed obituary (July 12), it’s a shame that while his father’s profession as a physiology teacher is recorded, the only mention of his mother is his name. Ailie Munro was a song collector, writer, and folk music specialist. She was based at the School of Scottish Studies in Edinburgh for many years, collecting and recording Scottish folk songs (on which she was the first to write a book). Ailie was born in China and clearly conveyed her interest in the country to her son.
Joanna girling

Re John Harris (A kind and inclusive England is restless – and as usual our politicians don’t get it, July 18), during the torrential rain last Monday, our kitchen, our bathroom and our bedroom. our son was inundated – as were many houses on our side of the street. Neighbors who had not been inundated rushed to bail out the deep and dirty floodwaters. Real kindness in action, for which we thank them.
Nadine Chagrin

Presumably the past of wakeboarding (Rhik Samadder tries wakeboarding: “I scream underwater with every faceplant”, July 19) is “wokeboarding” – a description of someone who, having seen which way the wind breath, arrives late for the campaign for social equality and justice.
Hal dunkelman
Bampton, Oxfordshire

Here’s a question for work-at-home proselytes: Do you keep your windows open and listen to jackhammers, angle grinders, and brush cutters, or do you close them and swoon from the heat?
Michael cunningham

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