New Industry Report Predicts Dramatic Changes For HR Executives In Post-Pandemic Era


HR leaders ready to take “more room at the strategic decision-making table” in the remote world first

LONDON and SAN FRANCISCO, July 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Oyster®, the company that hires talented, compliant, caring, and personable people around the world, today released a new industry report that finds that the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed roles and responsibilities of human resources managers in all sectors. The report — titled The future of HR: preparing for a new distributed world of work– predicts that HR leaders in the post-pandemic era will take on new responsibilities to maintain compliance in a remote world first, spend more time supporting a globally distributed workforce, and ultimately have a disproportionate impact on the evolution of the work experience in their companies for a long time. the future.

“The world of work has changed forever, and as companies adapt to the new expectations of employees and candidates, HR managers have an unprecedented opportunity to shape the future of work – not just for their employees. companies, but for organizations around the world, “said Jack Mardack, co-founder of Oyster.” Employers who have embraced distributed work are already seeing the benefits. They are more competitive, more agile and more responsive to opportunities. presented by the post-pandemic era. Now, the HR business function must evolve with the radical changes underway and prepare to take a more active role in determining how organizations hire, collaborate and create new people. value from talents. ”

The following findings from The future of HR: preparing for a new distributed world of work, which was created by 451 Research and commissioned by Oyster, illustrates the impact of the pandemic on the priorities of HR leaders:

  • 48% of HR leaders say they are thinking more deeply about flexible working arrangements as a direct result of the pandemic
  • 46% signal that maintaining compliance (e.g. workplace safety, labor standards, employee privacy and data security, anti-discrimination) is a new priority

These new areas of intervention are accompanied by new challenges facing HR managers. Today’s report reveals that:

  • 46% of HR managers report a lack of visibility across their entire workforce as the main missing feature they would like to add to their HR software
  • Employee engagement is the area of ​​the HR function most in need of improvement, according to HR leaders

These statistics suggest that despite the opportunities for greater impact in the remote world first, HR managers must be able to invest in new systems, technologies and training in order to thrive in the age of the hand. -work distributed.

Other findings from today’s report include:

  • 42% of HR respondents predict full-time hiring will be the biggest change their organization will see in 2021
  • 47% list the ability to support internal and external recruiting as the missing feature they would most like to see added by their candidate recruiting provider
  • 45% cite workforce diversity as the most important theme when communicating company values ​​to employees and customers, second only to benefits and wellness initiatives (55%)

“As the world settles into its new normal post-pandemic, we expect hiring freezes and worker leaves to lift,” wrote Conner Forrest, Senior Research Analyst at 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence. “This will make recruitment a top priority for HR departments and human functions, but their approach will have to adapt to the new normal of distributed work. To mitigate potential friction in this change, companies must anticipate obstacles and respond by investing in corporate culture, brand identity, employee engagement and the appropriate HR technology tools to prepare their teams for the job. future of work. “

The results described in the 451 Pathfinder report are taken from the recent survey conducted by 451 Research, “Voice of the Enterprise Workforce Productivity & Collaboration Employee Lifecycle and HR 2021 Survey” of more than 560 employees worldwide, including more than 95 human resources managers.

Report release follows official launch of Oyster Oyster Academy, the release of a free suite of Distributed HR tools, and the announcement of a series of new partnerships with leading HR service providers. He also comes in the middle of the inauguration Ascent by oyster, a one-of-a-kind virtual conference on the future of work to help businesses around the world thrive on the global stage. The second day of the event takes place today, July 15th.

To learn more about how Oyster unleashes the world’s talent, visit Oyster.

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