Music Fans Around The World Obsessed With New BTS ‘V Promotional Photo | K-pop movie news


The popular South Korean artist and member of BTS V has always been appreciated for his multitude of talents. Whether it is his extraordinary talent as a musician, his charismatic personality or his beautiful appearance. He has got everything ! V, aka Kim Taehyung, has over the years charmed fans with his wonderful smile and formidable skills and enjoyed his popularity in the K-pop industry.

But, if recent trends are any indication, V’s fandom also appears to be expanding outside of the K-Pop world. According to the sources, BTS V’s solo photo card for their single “Butter” is in high demand and has gained explosive popularity on several Internet forums.

The group unveiled concept photos for their special album ‘Butter’, which features both group photos and solo photos. However, V’s photo card became a rage on Tiktok, and non-K-Pop fans began bombarding the ARMYs with requests for how to get their hands on the band’s official merchandise. The most requested item being the photo card by V.

According to the sources, non-K-pop fans took to Twitter to confess that they wanted to become BTS fans and explore their extraordinary music. In addition, V photo cards are also available on several online sites and are sold for the highest instant sale prices and are almost always sold out.

The Bangtan Boys’ popularity soared with 7310 points for their new track, ‘Permission To Dance’ on MBC’s Music Core. He also received special appreciation for the inclusion of sign language at the table on the track.


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