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Courtesy of Gabriel Rivera

On September 17, CRC Music “In the Studio” hosted an event with special guest Gabriel Rivera, including the music department’s teaching assistant. Rivera discussed her role in the “In the Studio” series and her accomplishments.

On Friday, the “In the Studio” series hosted a Zoom webinar focused on Gabriel Rivera, who is the music department’s teaching assistant.
Rivera shared her inspirations, her current responsibilities at Cosumnes River College, and some of her own music, during the webinar, which was hosted by music teacher Lisa Beebe.
“I have always been interested in music from an early age,” Rivera said. “I still remember the day I said ‘this is what I want to do for the rest of my life’.”
Rivera shared that one of his greatest musical inspirations was his father, a pianist who enrolled Rivera in piano lessons as a child. It was in one of these classes that Rivera decided to continue studying music.
Rivera majored in composition at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music and completed her master’s degree at the University of Michigan.
“The day after I defended my master’s thesis, I got on a plane and moved to California,” said Rivera. This decision ultimately led Rivera to his current position at CRC.
As a teaching assistant in the music department, Rivera has a wide range of responsibilities both on and off campus.
Rivera said her responsibilities in the field included coordinating concerts, renting instruments, tutoring students and working closely with other faculty members. His responsibilities have changed since the transition to e-learning.
“I guess doing concerts turned into video editing, creating social media ads for events,” Rivera said. “I learned a lot of skills, from graphic design to video editing.
Rivera took advantage of part of the meeting to share two songs he performed titled “In the Groove” and “II. Recuerdo, III. Florence.” Many participants were impressed with the synthesis of “In the Groove”, as well as the percussion and narration of “II. Recuerdo, III. Florence.”
“They were great! They were really fun,” Beebe said of the pieces. “The audience got a chance to really sit down with each piece and ask a few questions.”
Beebe was very happy with the turnout at the event and said she felt the goals for the event had been met.
“I wanted this event to be an opportunity for Gabriel to give inspiration, advice, wisdom to our CRC community,” said Beebe. “And finally, really just to appreciate the talent we have in our staff.”
Beebe shared that this reunion had the second largest attendance since the music department started the “In the Studio” series, and that she looks forward to hosting more of these events.

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