Mix: KLOF – Episode 13


With C Joynes, Erlend Apneseth & Margit Myhr, The Little Unsaid, Isaac Birituro and The Rail Abandon, Jacqui Alpine, Myriam Gendron, Sarah Louise, Elkhorn, Charlie Parr, Circuit Des Yeux, Ben LaMar Gay, Six Organs Of Admittance, Träd, Gräs och Stenar, Lonnie Holley, Colin Stetson / Sarah Neufeld Duo.

Continuing our KLOF series, the latest episode features a diverse number of new and old versions.

Described by The Wire as “a warm and idiosyncratic brew”, Open your arms to open up to us is the latest version of the Chicago cornet player Ben LaMar Gay (main image) whose large-scale electro-acoustic compositions reflect his curiosity about the world, a curiosity that he carries “at all times in my front pocket”.

Growing up, spending summers in Alabama, one of my favorite jobs was feeding the pigs that were on my Great Aunt Lola’s land. Sometimes on the way to the feeding grounds, Aunt Lola and I would stand still and listen together. We should immediately become aware of the winds approaching through the wavering pines, the songs of quails and the chatter of distant cousins ​​just up the road...

The track that opens the mix, in C Joynes, is taken from The Hired Hands: Tribute to Bruce Langhorne, released on Scissor Tail Records in 2017:

His music has influenced and touched many lives over the years, whether through his soundtrack work with Peter Fonda or his studio work in the 1960s as a workforce for musicians such as Bob Dylan. , Joan Baez, Richie Havens, Odetta… and many others. If his name is new to you, I suggest you browse his wikipedia page to familiarize yourself with the volume of work he did during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Scissor Tail Editions was lucky enough to release the sheet music. by Bruce on Peter Fonda’s 1971 anti-western “The Hired Hand” on vinyl in 2012.

The goal here was to ask artists to cover or reinterpret a song of their choice from the soundtrack. No rule that the music should be derived from a certain song, if the soundtrack inspires a mood, then the artists use their intuition.

Taken from The little unsaidSongs of December (a featured album of the month – examined here) is December sun which nestles perfectly between the beautiful voices of Margit Myhr to Min Gud jeg price vil med flid and Ghanaian / British outfit Isaac Birituro and The Rail Abandon‘s tribute to Bill Withers on their new single Bill.

The music of Jacqui Alpine, a Massachusetts musician and writer whose influences are, like many featured here, far-reaching: polyphonic vocal music of the century and classical music. She is also working on a book of poems and essays. His poems were published in The Second Factory by Ugly Ducking Presse.

My Delirium – Songs of Love, Lost & Found is an album that I have already presented in these mixes, recorded in 2021 during confinement by Myriam Gendron and which features a number of guest musicians including percussionist Chris Corsano who appears on this original piece The crying girl.

Sarah-Louise‘s Earth arch has appeared in a number of our year-end lists for 2021 and has been examined here by Glenn Kimpton… “The voices, which exist in the fibers of the arrangements in the form of rhythms and choruses as well as narratives, evoke a sense of nature through descriptions such as the grass ‘sweet as cinnamon’ (Jewel of the Blueridge) as well as timeless connectivity.

With Drew Gardner (6-string guitar), Jesse Sheppard (12-string guitar) and Turner Williams (Shahi Baaja), Elkhorn making a welcome comeback with another live recording, released on Blue Jole Recordings. The Golden Shift is also available on tape (see Bandcamp links below).

In our end-of-year lists was also Charlie parr‘s Last of the Better Days Ahead (reviewed here) and Eye Circuit‘s’ io’ (reviewed here) – “Fohr’s work as Circuit Des Yeux is constantly stimulating, daringly experimental and always liberating. -io is probably his strongest work to date, a powerful statement born out of genuine sentiment.

A track of Six admission bodiesThe 2017 album ‘Burning the Threshold’ also makes an appearance: Life. A powerful draft of musical essence.

We then go back to the Swedish pioneers of DIY culture. Träd, Gräs och Stenar with a track from their self-titled extended album (re-released / remastered in 2016) featuring their two essential 1971/72 live albums.

We close the mix with two contrasting tracks: Lonnie holley‘s Crystal door handle is from his 2020 album National freedom that transcends gender and which Pitchfork described as “streams of consciousness unhindered by the architecture of the awakened mind.”

And finally, on Never been the way she was (2015), instrumental soloists Colin Stetson and Sarah neufeld have joined forces on original compositions for horn and violin. The duo began performing together while touring as soloists in 2012. Constellation Records described the release as “an incredible (and incredibly diverse) integration of composition, performance, timbre and texture …” and “… quite a definitive and exciting sum greater than its parts.

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Music played

  1. C JoynesNo further (The hired hands) – Band camp
  2. Erlend Apneseth & Margit MyhrMin Gud jeg price vil med flid (Sl̴ttesong) РBand camp
  3. The little unsaidDecember sun (Songs of December) – Band camp
  4. Isaac Birituro and The Rail AbandonBill (Bill – single) – Band camp
  5. Jacqui AlpineCandle: one (Candle) – Band camp
  6. Myriam GendronThe crying girl (My delirium – Songs of love, lost & found) – Band camp
  7. Sarah-LouiseJewel of the Blueridge (Single version) (Earth Bow) – Band camp
  8. ElkhornPart 1 (The Golden Shift) – Band camp
  9. Charlie parrWasps bed (Last of the better days to come)
  10. Eye Circuit Walking towards winter (-io) Band camp
  11. Ben LaMar GayAunt Lola and the Quail (Open your arms to open up) – Band camp
  12. Six admission bodiesTaken by ascension (Burn the threshold) – Band camp
  13. Träd, Gräs och StenarRagatrall (Träd, Gräs och Stenar) – Band camp
  14. Lonnie holleyCrystal door handle (National freedom) – Band camp
  15. Colin Stetson / Sarah Neufeld DuoAnd yet they move (Never was like she was) – Band camp

Photo credit: Alejandro Ayala


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