Mike Rathke Releases Folk Opera Concept Album ‘The Harlot and the Bride’


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Mike Rathke’s “The Harlot and the Bride” is a futuristic concept album that follows the saga of a pastor living in a dystopian world.

VERO BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, April 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mike Rathke’s ‘The Harlot and the Bride’ is a futuristic concept album that follows the saga of a pastor living in a dystopian world. After releasing two singles “Let It Go” and “Esau”, Mike’s full project is available today and listen to it by visiting Mike’s official website!

The disc features seven songs that carry the character arc of the protagonist’s journey from start to finish. All tracks were written by Rathke except for “Stay on the Path”, written by the late Keith Green. The album also contains “Gospel Plow” which is Mike’s rendition of a traditional mountain folk tune.

“The idea for this album came to me when I was 16. Over the years I’ve attempted to write this collection of songs many times,” Rathke said. “But it wasn’t until 2021, on the back of the pandemic, that I was finally able to put pen to paper. I wrote and arranged the album in just a few weeks.

The first single “Let It Go” was released on April 1. The song tells the story of a former drug dealer turned pastor, who wishes to live a quiet life under the radar of a tyrannical government. The rest of the album carries the story sequentially throughout the seven tracks.

“For several years now, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of ​​writing a concept album similar to Blitzen Trapper’s ‘Wild and Reckless’ release,” Rathke said. “We’re creating a live concert that tells the story in more detail. I call it a ‘folk opera’ and I’m really excited to share more in the weeks to come.

Updates on Mike Rathke and his music are available on his website and on social media!

About Mike Rathke:

Kansas native Mike Rathke grew up poor in a rural campground. His mother struggled with a serious mental illness and as a result Mike and his siblings left home as teenagers. At the age of twelve, Mike started staying with friends and sleeping on any available couch. Music has become a welcome respite from the chaos of everyday life. At 19 he entered the Christian faith and started writing songs about life, love, breakup, grace and redemption.

His first venture into music production came with three self-produced albums, “Letters from the Father”, “Spoken Words and the Word That’s Spoken” and “Never Change”. His 2019 EP “The Dawning Fire” was recorded at the Sound Emporium in Nashville and was produced by Billy Chapin, producer and engineer (Backstreet Boys, Sister Hazel, Edwin McCain, Don Henley) and co-produced by Brandon Bailey.

The Harlot and the Bride Track Listing

1. Forget it
2. White Stone
3. Gospel plow
4. The prostitute and the bride
5. Esau
6. Before This Day
7. Stay on the path

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