Michael Bublé and Stephen Colbert sing a Canadian sailor song (VIDEO)


Sea Shanties made a comeback during the pandemic thanks to TikTok, so Michael Bublé and Stephen Colbert decided to join the party.

The Canadian crooner made an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Wednesday to promote his next album Higher. While Bublé is known for singing pop ballads and jazz standards, Colbert had a request that brought the singer back to his fishing roots.

“You’ve worked salty, brackish, deep as a commercial fisherman, and you’re Canadian,” said The late show host. “I was wondering if you were familiar with the Stan Rogers classic Sea Shanty… called ‘Barrett’s Privateers’.”

For those unfamiliar with sea shanties, “Barrett’s Privateers” was written and performed by Canadian folk singer Stan Rogers. The song follows the journey of a young fisherman aboard a pirate ship.

Colbert asks Bublé if he knows this song.

“Arr, me mate. Yeah, I think so. I think I’ve heard it before,” Bublé replied hesitantly.

They then jump into a catchy rendition of the folk song. Colbert starts and Bublé, looking a little confused, joins the second row: “How I would like to be in Sherbrooke now!”

While it seems the It’s a beautiful day The singer was not as familiar with the song as Colbert, he performed it like a pro, even harmonizing with the host.

You can watch the full performance here:

Bublé hails from Burnaby, British Columbia, where sea shanties aren’t as prevalent. Yet Atlantic Canadians were proud to see him sing a song that is regularly sung in bars, universities and events.

“Amazing. If you go to a pub in Halifax, we all know the words. Back in my dance club days (mid 90s) this song was even played between ‘regular’ songs at a bar in dance!” one person tweeted.

There may be no sea shanties, but Bublé’s album Higher released on March 25.


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