Metro Bank is looking for startups for its innovation lab


Metro Bank has just launched its second startup collaboration program, Metro Bank Magic Makers. Building on the success of the first program conducted in partnership with L Marks, Metro Bank is once again looking for innovative solutions that will change its customer experience.

In 2021, Metro Bank launched its first Magic Makers program and chose three start-ups, Surfly, Solidatus and Poly AI, whose innovative solutions ultimately delivered a double whammy by both transforming Metro Bank’s customer experience and operational efficiency of the Bank.

Transformative technologies developed by the program included co-browsing technology designed to improve customer resolution, a digital plane that enables critical data insights and transparency, and a super human voice assistant capable of responding to requests. complex and natural customer conversations. All three solutions have been tested so successfully at the Bank that they have been formally adopted and are currently being implemented.

“Working with start-ups has allowed us not only to capitalize on the latest technological innovations, but also to deploy testing and implementation at a rapid pace. Being so agile has been key to bringing positive change to our customers,” explained Kat Robinson, Director of Customer Experience at Metro Bank. “We are now calling both internally and externally for ideas and solutions that will once again transform our customers’ experience and we’re really excited to see what’s out there.”

Like last year, L Marks will seek out and identify companies to apply for a unique opportunity to take their innovative ideas to the next level. Through the immersive ten-week Magic Makers program, successful start-ups will have access to top-notch mentorship from key Metro Bank stakeholders, gaining insights from leading experts in the industry, and the opportunity to test and validate their solutions.

The program is designed to discover innovative solutions that can help Metro Bank provide exceptional support to its domestic and commercial customers.

This year, Metro Bank hosted an immersive two-day Opportunity Spotting Workshop – engaging clients and colleagues to highlight and select key priorities and categories to find innovative solutions from within. The four categories selected are:

. Simplify the lives of our customers
We want to continue to improve our extraordinary customer experience with a service that helps our customers manage their money seamlessly – in store, online and in between. We want to make banking with us easier by removing unnecessary passwords and documents for day-to-day banking.

. Become the best community bank in the UK
Our mission is to be the UK’s best community bank, which means giving back to our communities and helping small businesses succeed – through the way we connect our customers to each other and by offering extra help to customers who really need it.

. Optimize our systems and data
We need to optimize the way we collect and analyze internal and external data so that we can respond quickly and “join the dots” on feedback from customers and colleagues. We are also looking for new opportunities to automate our background processes.

. A sustainable and responsible bank
Being a socially responsible, sustainable and ethical organization is important to us. We look for opportunities to become more sustainable, both in the way we work and in the way we serve our customers.

They are now looking for start-ups and scale-ups that can bring any of these categories to life, or have a solution they think Metro Bank should consider in the future, as part of wildcard category.

Daniel Saunders, CEO of L Marks, said:

“We are delighted to partner with Metro Bank for a second year. Building on the success of last year’s Magic Makers program, we will discover and connect Metro Bank with other of the world’s most exciting and innovative start-ups and scale-ups.

“Innovation is at the heart of what Metro Bank does and their commitment to building a different kind of high street bank has been proven through their engagement with Magic Makers start-ups and the deployment of their innovative solutions. We look forward to to see the new technologies that this year’s program will bring to Metro Bank and the banking industry.

Applications will close on June 19, so start your application today.


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