Metallica has approved the use of music in Stranger Things (Spoilers)


in the big season 4 finale of stranger thingsMetallica could be heard as Eddie (joseph quinn) caught the attention of the Upside Down Monster Bats by playing the iconic metal band’s classic song Puppeteer. It turns out that the group are fans and have given their consent for the use of the song, as reported Variety.

Nora Felder, the music supervisor for the Netflix series, got in touch with the band’s management. She gave them the details of what to expect for a full background. Besides that Metallica is a fan of stranger thingsthey liked the terrain enough to approve the use of Puppeteer.

“I contacted Metallica’s executive office and carefully reviewed the scene and what the intent would be,” Felder said when crossing over from Metallica and stranger things. “I knew the release would be taken seriously because we had used one of their songs (The Four Horsemen) in season 2 and had learned at that time that they were fans of the series. Puppeteer is a pretty big song in their catalog, and I think it’s considered a favorite in their concerts. I wanted to be respectful in making sure that Metallica fully understood the context in which the song was used, as well as its importance to the scene and to this exciting new character, Eddie Munson, who no one had yet met in previous seasons. .

Use ‘Master of Puppets’ in Stranger Things

Use of Metallica in stranger things, especially this song, had to be clarified. The Duffer brothers had written it in the screenplay. The song was essential for this scene of entertaining creatures of Eddie and the rest of the crew in action in their attempt to defeat Vecna.

“It was another one of those ‘this has to be that song’ moments,” Felder said. life. I believe the Duffer Brothers felt that playing Puppeteer throughout the extended scene was the obvious choice. No other songs were discussed further, and we skipped to delete it right away.

The song was written about addiction. It could be interpreted in many other ways as people controlling others, like Vecna’s powers. It also talked about Eddie’s arc and his identity of being a metalhead Dungeons & Dragons player who has been an outcast all his life and was framed for the murder of Chrissy (Grace Van Dien). Now he must end his life as a hero to save his friends.

“They share similarities in that they each have life-destroying powers that rob people of their essential personal powers,” Felder said. “The aggressive sound of up-tempo metal belies its psychological and socially conscious warning lyrics, which are rooted in a sensitive concern for others. The sensitive side we saw in Eddie, which is clearly evident in the scene where he meets Chrissy, is also masked and covered up by Eddie’s abrasive public image.

Joseph Quinn played Metallica in Season 4 of Stranger Things

Most striking was not that Metallica approved stranger things using one of their most popular songs but which the actor playing Eddie learned the riffs to give authenticity to the scene. The framing of the scene let the audience know, as some shots showed the actor playing guitar while creatures flew around him and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo).

Last Friday (July 1) saw the release of the final two episodes of the sci-fi horror series. The show has now set up its endgame with its finale fifth season, who begins writing in August. With so many recognizable needle drops, it will be interesting to see what pops up next. Maybe more Metallica in stranger things or other classics.


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