Masters of traditional music will perform at Dundalk Gaol


Two master musicians are expected to return to Dundalk with a concert at Dundalk Gaol’s Oriel Center later this week.

Master fiddler Mick Conneeley and master accordionist David Munnelly are set to head to Dundalk Gaol this Saturday, November 26 for an unrestricted pre-Christmas performance.

David Munnelly is known for his colorful musical style, which exudes bold bass fingerings, intricate arrangements and modern compositions; and exudes notes of the roaring twenties and the energy of a box of dynamite coupled with a masterful talent for letting a melody take its time for a completely unique and brilliant sound.

This unique style led David into the world of professional music where he performed with groups such as Niamh Parsons’ group, The Chieftains, De Danann the David Munnelly Band and the Accordion Samurai whose debut CD won numerous awards. prestigious award.

Other recordings include “Aonair”, Duo McGowan-Munnelly and 3’oh.

Mick Conneely is one of the most acclaimed and respected violin players in Irish tradition. He has performed, toured and recorded with many artists including De Danann, Mary Bergin / Tony Linnane. His first solo album ‘Selkie’ was to critical acclaim on the traditional label Cló Iar-Chonnacht.

“Dave and Mick are master musicians without a doubt, they have the credentials: the charts, the bands, the albums and the collaborations, but here you get more than excellent musicality, you get a dialogue, a conversation that takes place. unrolling now, not a parrot lines of a skillfully rehearsed ensemble, that’s the real excitement here, ”said Sean Laffey, editor-in-chief of Irish Traditional Music Magazine.

Tickets for the concert are available at or 042 9328887.

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