Letter to the editor: Portland seniors voice support for Ukrainians


I submit this letter on behalf of the citizens of 75 State Street, who helped draft it last week.

Ukrainian President Zelensky is calling for a wave of protests from around the world against Putin for Russia’s unprovoked attack on neighboring Ukraine.

Who better to talk about the horrors of war than the elderly residents of 75 State Street, a retirement community in the West End of Portland, Maine? We are a group of citizens who have experienced in their lives the pain, suffering and sacrifices, such as rationing, that war brings.

We support the steps taken by our elected and informed leaders to impose sanctions punishing Russian aggression by ending the import of Russian oil. We support the sacrifices to help mitigate the effects of this mad Ukrainian war on its land, its people and world peace. We can do our small part by joining others paying higher gas prices and making other essential sacrifices in the days and weeks ahead.

We urge the younger generation, our children and our grandchildren to take our words to heart, condemning aggression and fighting for freedom, at home or abroad.

If there is anything positive about it, it has brought about the unification of nations as well as our bipartisan support for Ukraine, and contempt for Russian aggression and Putin’s contempt for human life.

We stand with the people of Ukraine and urge those reading this to join us in global condemnation of Putin’s war on world peace.

Court Devin Elizabeth
director of social services at 75 State Street

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