Letter: Boyer Running for Gallatin County District Attorney


My name is Bjorn Boyer and I’m asking for your vote to be the next Gallatin County District Attorney.

I am the only Democratic primary candidate with the experience, leadership, and ideas to guide the criminal justice system in Gallatin County. I served the citizens of Gallatin County for over seven years as an assistant county attorney. I have prosecuted serious criminal cases including homicide, rape, aggravated assault, robbery, child sexual abuse and domestic violence. I am a member of the Sexual Assault Response Team and the Human Trafficking Task Force. My goal in all cases is to protect our community from crime. My commitment to the safety and security of the citizens of Gallatin County has earned me the endorsement of the Bozeman Police Protective Association.

The Gallatin County District Attorney’s Office needs an injection of fresh ideas, and I’m the qualified candidate to lead it into the future. I support the creation of a mental health treatment court. Such a project will be hard work and will require bringing together a diverse group of people, including judges, mental health professionals, probation officers and criminal defense attorneys. My previous experience with these professionals will make a treatment court take off. I also support the creation of a diversion program that will allow low drug and property offenders to keep a clean record by ensuring they receive treatment early in a criminal case. Such a program will also allow victims of property crime to be reimbursed sooner rather than waiting months or years for restitution.

On June 7, you will have the privilege of voting for the next Gallatin County prosecutor.

I hope you will agree that I have the experience, leadership, and insight to effectively run the County Attorney’s Office.


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