Jonas Brothers percussionist Demian Arriaga reveals his top 10 favorite Jonas Bros songs to play live



Professional drummer and percussionist Demian Arriaga performed in front of packed stadiums, shaking tambourines and slapping congas. Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, he graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2004. And since then he has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including the Jonas Brothers, Iggy Azalea and many more. .

Arriaga also performed at the Grammys, on SSaturday night live, Tonight’s show Helen, at the iHeart Radio Awards, the MTV Video Music Awards, the American Music Awards, and probably every other great show on earth. He is truly an accomplished artist and performer. He also has a big smile.

We caught up with Arriaga to ask him specifically about his role with the Jonas Brothers. Specifically, what are her 10 favorite songs to play with guys. So without further ado, we give you the 10 favorite songs of the Jonas Brothers from Arriaga to play live.

10. “Much better

“This song is special to me because right after I took the gig, it was one of the songs that I liked the most. I didn’t know we would play it once or twice. Definitely a fan favorite.

9. “Feel alive

“The very first song I rehearsed with the band and the first epic show on the Camp Rock 2 Tour. What a great song to start a show!

8. “shelf

“Also another song that means so much to so many people that we rarely play. I only play ‘only’ tambourine and what I mean is it’s not as involved as other songs, but I like it because it allows me to just watch the crowd and enjoy the moment more than if I had a super complex role.

7. “Burn”

“By far the most involved song percussion of all the discography. I love playing direct Afro-Cuban motifs on this rock song. Congas, timpani, bongos, everything is there! Plus there’s always pyro to this song so I still feel like Lars Ulrich or Tommy Lee.


“This is actually the hardest song for me to play. Other than that the song is amazing and fan favorite, but there are a few places where the percussion is very present and has a swing feel. likes to be exposed so to speak, and to have this rhythmic responsibility.

5. “Sucker

“What can I say about this song? It’s a hit and once it’s the type of song of a lifetime of an artist. I had the chance to run it at SNL which was a life goal for me. Plus, it’s always the show up close so it lets me enjoy what just happened, watch the crowd, and see the brothers embrace the love they are given.

4. “Just friends

“Another one of those tunes that we rarely play and in which my performance is rather subdued but the fans love it so, so much, that it’s impossible not to add it so high on the list.”

3. “I have to find you

“Ironically, most of the time we play this song, I don’t play anything, and it’s just the brothers singing and playing guitar. The reason I love it so much is that it is the song that most people sing the loudest during the whole set. It’s crazy how loud people are.

2. “Fly with me

“It’s such a fun song to play. Lots of swell of cymbals, bass toms, shakers and tambourines. Less of an Afro-Cuban performance and much more of a sprinkle-type situation on top. Also, it was the first music video I watched before accepting the gig and this video convinced me I had to say yes.

1. “Wait

“In my humble opinion, this is the song that epitomizes what Jonas fans are. I always say it’s a privilege to be a tiny part of something that means so much to so many people and every time we play this song it’s the song that connects the most to me. People cry, they jump, they hold their hearts, it is a unique experience to witness all of this from the stage. Also, I would gain a lot to say that this is the song that matters most to most fans AND the one that has inspired the most tattoos.



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