John K’s New Album Is Something You Won’t Want To Miss


Rising pop star, John K is back with a brand new album “In case you miss me” now available for streaming.

The singer-songwriter said the release left him “overwhelmed and emotional” as it again felt like a debut album.

“It was mostly overwhelming in a lot of ways, mostly in a positive way, just thinking about the whole process of this album. I got a little emotional this morning just thinking about all the songs we did,” John said on Zoom.

He also expressed his enthusiasm for everyone to listen to and identify with his new album, as he and his team put their hearts and souls into creating it.

“It’s just an emotional day and we’re really excited because every time we release an album it should be ‘this is the best thing I’ve ever done and I’m so proud of every one of these songs’ and that’s what it is, ”he added.

Since the pandemic has made things different, John shared that much of the songwriting for this album was done during many Zoom meetings.

“Zoom has completely changed the whole songwriting culture and it’s not going to go away. [It was] difficult, very different, but [it] opened a lot of doors. We have adapted and this album has proven that it is quite possible to piece together quality work on Zoom, I mean that 85% of this whole project is done on Zoom, ”he said. declared.

John K's Instagram

Via John K on Instagram

The humble musician said his love for singing and music production, especially in making this project happen, would not be possible without the support of those around him.

“I thought that would never happen, but I always stuck with that and I always had people around me, really pushing me to stick with that and say ‘no, you really have a gift.’ And I have enough people to convince me to stay long enough and start finding the right people, ”he added.

He even shared that in addition to his team, his wife was among “the sharpest of them all” when it came to giving notes or advice. “She’s the reason behind, and actually the motivation in every song I write.”

While making music with his team and best friends, he said he was also open to collaborating with artists like Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Silk Sonic and Bruno Mars in the future.

After the pandemic, John said he wanted to make a ‘In case you miss me ‘ tour in South East Asia. “[The] the first thing i am [going to do] when that [pandemic] everywhere came to Southeast Asia on tour.

Known for his hit “If we never meet”, which counted more than 300 million streams last year, John K has once again offered us an album that will surely make us play on repeat.

Flux “In case you miss me” here.


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