Idaho State Police Arrest Man With 20 Pounds Of Methamphetamine


The challenge of keeping methamphetamine illegal continues in Idaho. Whether in Canyon County or statewide, law enforcement in Idaho continues their selfless efforts to keep meth from entering Gem State. Idaho State Troopers arrested a Californian and charged him with trafficking methamphetamine after 20 pounds of methamphetamine were found in his vehicle, according to an ISP statement.

Local law enforcement has told us that our state is a high traffic area for methamphetamine, fentanyl, cocaine, marijuana, and other illegal drugs. Drug traffickers use our highways and vast highways as easy access to transport their drugs. However, sometimes law enforcement gets lucky and the bad guys fall.

Early on Friday morning August 27, just outside Idaho Falls, an Idaho State Trooper stopped a Lincoln SUV traveling north on Interstate 15 for an equipment violation. During the stop, evidence was obtained by the soldier that indicated the possible presence of illegal drugs. During a search of the vehicle, more than 20 pounds of a white crystalline substance were found. The substance has tested positive for methamphetamine. Pipes used to smoke marijuana and methamphetamine have also been found.

The driver of the vehicle was arrested and incarcerated at the Bonneville County Jail on the following counts.

Arrested: Pedro Reyes Carreno, 37, Los Angeles, California
Accused: Drug trafficking – Methamphetamine (F)

Possession of drug paraphernalia (noun)

The driver, Carreno, was also cited for driving without a license, without insurance, and a valid registration.

The soldier making the arrest is a member of the Idaho State Police Criminal Interdiction Team, a group of soldiers trained and dedicated to intercept dangerous drugs and prevent harm to communities in the ‘Idaho.

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