Ibrahim Khalil to give another hit song for folk and sweet music lovers!



                                                                                                                                                          Having an established foot in the music field, Ibrahim Khalil is planning for another hit in the coming fall. 

Ibrahim Khalil is among the best in music, creating his own albums and illustrations. Meet the eminent Syrian artist, who is part of a musical family. Born and raised in Al Hasaka on May 5, 2000, Ibrahim Khalil is at the forefront of music and art.
Since his childhood he has always been encouraged, nurtured and motivated to sing and follow his passion at the same time. Settled in Germany with his family in 2012, he continued his studies at the European school Clemens-Brentano in Lollar, near Giessen, and obtained his diploma. With all this, he never stopped pursuing music and his passion, and not only that, but at the end of 2012 he released his first song called “Beje Beje”. After the success of this song, he released many other names “Heyo”, “Bvnm”, which have already hit the bars.
He is one of the amazing songwriters whose work has also been seen in Yazidi music. Apart from this, Ibrahim is also a member of Yazidi folk music. It has been published in various magazines named Naska Musik and ProClip. He has been interviewed on various television shows and has been named “the most wanted artist”.
Growing up with his work, Ibrahim intends to create songs about love and mother. Soon the bars will establish themselves and once again he intends to hypnotize his listeners towards the core. Stay tuned.

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