FRENSHIP Serves Up Experimental Indie-Pop In Addicting New Single “Songs For The Weekend”


Experimental indie-pop duo FRENSHIP have released an absolutely addictive new single titled “Songs For The Weekend”. The track is set to be the one you can’t help but add to your favorite playlists. The track follows their previous single “Cry (Let It Out)”.

FRENSHIP is a two-piece band consisting of James Sunderland and Brett Hite who achieved global success in 2016 with their song “Capsize” featuring Emily Warren. They are known for taking inspiration from past decades and blending them into contemporary pop songs meant to anchor themselves in the mind. Their debut album, “Vacation”, was released in 2019, a few years after their worldwide success, and now they are venturing into a new era with their latest tracks, showing off their renewed energy and creativity.

Written and produced by FRENSHIP, themselves, “Songs For The Weekend” is a rhythmically technically catchy track that’s experimental pop at its finest, with a compelling hook and unforgettable chorus. It’s carefree and fun, truly unlocking FRENSHIP’s core values ​​and conveying that freedom to their listeners. The lyrics are punchy, allowing them to follow their nonchalant vibes and relaxed energy, making anyone who hears it feel at ease and very serene – it’s a track that makes us start to believe in ourselves. while we sing.

Watch the lyric video for FRENSHIP’s “Songs For The Weekend” here:

Speaking of the track, James Sunderland said: “’Songs for The Weekend’ was born last winter at Brett’s lake house in Idaho. He was backing his car up and there was this great backup tone/sound, kind of like a high pitched buzz. I got a little obsessed with it so we recorded it on my phone and threw it in the session and the song was born. You can hear this sound at the beginning of the song and throughout the choruses.

They went on to say, “Unlike many of our songs, this one was written by the two of us in Brett’s cabin overlooking the lake at sunset. It came from a moment of pure fun – we just had fun with it and didn’t overthink it. The main line, “we’re just writing songs for the weekend”, actually started out as a joke about writing songs for artist, The Weeknd. It developed from there into a song about how we don’t matter, in a good way. Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously and can forget that we only make music. This song is an ode to the beauty of our non-essential. What we do matters, but it really doesn’t. And that’s liberating and kind of amazing for us.

Stream “Songs for the Weekend” on Spotify here:

“Songs For The Weekend”, by FRENSHIP, is available to download and stream now on all platforms. To support their new music, the duo are set to go on tour in November and December, make sure you get tickets, because we bet they totally bring it to the stage.

Tour dates

  • November 9: Seattle, WA. At Madame Lou’s
  • November 11: San Francisco, California. Rickshaw stop
  • November 13: San Diego, California. Voodoo Room at House of Blues
  • November 14: Los Angeles, California. The Moroccan living room
  • November 16: Denver, CO. meow wolf
  • November 18: Portland, OR. Polaris room
  • December 7: Chicago, IL. Underground
  • December 9: Toronto, ON. The Drake
  • December 10: Boston, MA. Sonia
  • December 11: Brooklyn, New York. baby is fine
  • December 13: Washington DC, DC9

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