Fall asleep to your favorite music or books with a $40 small under-pillow speaker



If you don’t share the same musical tastes as everyone you share the room with, you’re probably not allowed to fall asleep with your favorite playlist on speakerphone. But that doesn’t mean you have to resort to headphones in bed. Instead, you just need your own private speaker that fits comfortably under your pillow. One of those options is this Pillow bone conduction speaker, which is on sale in black or white 33% off for just $39.99.

This speaker uses the latest in bone conduction technology, which means sound is transmitted by vibrations to your bones, so only you can hear it. Additionally, the speaker is ultra-thin, less than half an inch thick. So you’ll hardly notice it’s there. Plus, its small size makes it quite portable, taking up very little space in your bag when traveling.

The speaker is durable and works especially well when you sleep on your side. Plus, you don’t have to worry about it breaking, twisting, or bending like earphones would, because bone conduction technology is housed inside. It charges with the included USB-C cable and is capable of fast charging, so you’ll always have your favorite tunes or podcasts close at hand when you need to fall asleep.

Best of all, you don’t have to buy a new device to use these speakers. They can connect to your phone or other music devices with a cable or Bluetooth. It even has TF card slots, so you can listen to your music or audiobooks without connecting to your phone. Finally, the Pillow Bone Conduction Speaker delivers authentic wireless stereo sound, making it a truly unique gift for family and friends in need of comfortable relaxation.

Don’t miss this chance to fall asleep to your favorite playlist without disturbing anyone. Get the Pillow bone conduction speaker today in black or white when it’s only $39.99, which is 33% off the regular MSRP of $59.


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