Everglades receives $1.1 billion from infrastructure bill


From Florida Audubon and Staff Reports

On Wednesday, the White House announced the largest investment of federal funds ever in its history for the restoration of the Everglades. This funding comes from the infrastructure bill that was signed into law in November 2021 and represents a significant investment in the largest ecosystem restoration project in the world – the American Everglades.

“We are thrilled to see this level of investment in Everglades restoration,” said Kelly Cox, Audubon Florida Everglades Fundraising Manager. “Clearly restoring this ecosystem remains a bipartisan priority and this funding will accelerate many impactful projects this year.”

MP Val Demings also welcomed the investment.

“I am proud to report that after a long and difficult political struggle, we have secured new bipartisan investment in the Everglades,” said Representative Val Demings of Florida’s 10th District, which includes Apopka. “We fought for this funding for Florida because we know the Everglades are the crown jewel of our state, the beating heart of our natural beauty, our tourism economy, flood control, clean water, water and quality of life. Preserving and restoring the world-class wetlands, grasslands and forests of the Everglades must be a national priority.”

Audubon Florida and the Florida Congressional Delegation advocated for increased funding for Everglades restoration to support ongoing projects across the Greater Everglades ecosystem. The funding allocated to the US Army Corps will accelerate projects already planned under the comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan, thereby accelerating the completion of Everglades restoration. These projects, such as the Indian River Lagoon Reservoir C23/24, the Biscayne Bay and Southern Everglades Ecosystem Restoration Project, and the Western Everglades Restoration Project, will improve the hydrology of the region. , will preserve South Florida’s drinking water supply, improve water quality, and increase the region’s resilience.

“This investment in Everglades restoration is unprecedented,” Cox said. “We are thrilled to see this funding arrive and look forward to the many ecological returns it will bring to the Everglades ecosystem.”

Since the plume trade stopped, Audubon has defended the American Everglades against many human threats. Audubon continues to provide essential science and lead state and national advocacy to restore the balance of water and wildlife in the Greater Everglades ecosystem. Audubon Florida protects the birds and places they need, today and tomorrow. Learn more about Fl.Audubon.org.


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