Enjoy your favorite music mix at Diamond 100FM


Author: Jennifer Stone

Diamond 100FM is down live with everyone’s favorite mix of music, offering a wide range of Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Alternative and other related music genres.

In the age of digital streaming, music has become extremely accessible and listening to a particular song is just a click away. However, there is something unique about broadcasting and radio. Especially the unpredictability of the next song is what excites people the most. With this in mind, a unique initiative, Diamond 100FM is now live in Las Vegas and has quickly become the city’s favorite music station. The music station offers a wide variety of music hits that have been keeping people moving over the past decades. The musical array is tastefully selected by Las Vegas Radio volunteers who offer a variety of different genres, from hip-hop and rock to R&B and pop.

Owned by Melissa Acero AKA: KK Diamonds which is also now the first female station owned by soon to be announced I-HEART RADIO, Diamond 100FM is quite unique in its concept. It offers each host to bring their own taste to the program which is different from programs where the format drops the thematic restrictions on other radio hosts. It also offers new volunteers a chance to gain training and grow without the commitment of its weekly specialty program. In addition, local musicians are at the center of this station, which increases their visibility and reach. So Las Vegas residents, it’s time to upgrade your music streaming and tune in to Diamonds 100FM. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook for more details.



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