Eddie Vedder’s Acclaimed Ukulele Songs Set to Return to Vinyl


On May 6th, UMe/Republic Records is set to reissue the Deluxe Edition and Standard Edition LP versions of Eddie Vedder’s acclaimed second solo album, May 2011. Ukulele songsthe first time this record has been pressed on vinyl since its initial LP release a decade ago.

Deluxe LP Edition includes all 16 original tracks Ukulele songs album on high quality 180 gram black vinyl in expanded packaging including 16 page booklet and special lithograph. The LP Standard Edition was also pressed on 180 gram black vinyl.

Ukulele songs features a fine mix of original material written by Vedder that he first performed live, alongside classics and vintage standards. A recast, uke-driven version of “Can’t Keep”, which originally appeared as the opening track on Pearl Jam’s November 2002 album riot lawopens the proceedings, while more recent original songs like the resigned lament of “Sleeping By Myself”, the charming amorous orbit of “Satellite”, the hopeful luminosity of “Light Today” and the instrumental interlude “Waving Palms “are all ready. the 35 minute album chart.

Guest singers appear on a pair of keys Ukulele songs, both beautiful covers of notable standards. First, Glen Hansard (The Frames, Once) adds his Irish folk DNA to “Sleepless Nights”, which was written by Felice and Boudreaux Bryant and remade by The Everly Brothers in 1960, in addition to being covered later by Emmylou Harris. , Patty Loveless, and Elvis Costello.

Second, Cat Power lends her passionate tone to “Tonight You Belong To Me,” a jazz standard written in 1926 by lyricist Billy Rose and composer Lee David. This track was also subsequently covered by Frankie Laine, Patience and Prudence and Dottie West. Versions of “You Belong To Me” were also recently featured in the acclaimed 2019 drama Blackbird and in an episode of the 2020 HBO horror drama series Lovecraft Country.

Other notable covers from the LP include soulful takes on “More Than You Know” by Billy Rose and Edward Eliscu, “Once In A While” by Michael Edwards and Bud Green, and the album’s closing reading by Fabian Andre, Wilbur Schwandt and Gus Kahn. Dream a little dream.”

Produced by Eddie Vedder and Adam Kasper (Foo Fighters, sound garden), Ukulele songs peaked at number 4 on the US Billboard 200, reached number 2 on US Top Rock Albums on Billboard, and achieved gold status in Canada.

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Ukulele songs [Deluxe Edition LP & Standard LP] includes the following tracks:

In front of:
“Can’t Keep”
“Sleeping Alone”
“Without you”
“More Than You Know”
“Broken Heart”

“Want to belong”
“Hey Fahkah”
“You are real”
“Light Today”
“Sleepless nights”
“Restaging Palms”
“Tonight you belong to me”
“Dreaming a Little Dream”


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