DJ Karri on his road to gold status with hit song ‘Trigger’, new music and making his parents proud


DJ Karri real name, Karabo Mokgara on his first song to achieve gold status.

It has proven itself in the industry. He watched, learned and grew and it took 15 years but he is now at his peak.

This after his song, Trigger, reached gold status. All thanks to a different approach to the song, as well as a dance challenge on TikTok.

Musician DJ Karri, real name Karabo Mokgara, has plenty to be grateful for. His song has over a million hits on YouTube and continues to climb. It also works well on streaming sites.

“Most songs have the same vibes these days, if you can listen to most of them, they have the same trigger vibes, so it was exciting not only because the song went gold, but also the fact that I introduced a new wave in Amapiano music.

He says it was news he didn’t expect and it made his parents very proud.

“I’ve been in the industry for a while now, 15 years, and it’s also my second year in production, so it’s something I didn’t expect, but looking at the hard work I’ve put on this production, and the new waves, it’s gratifying.

He tells Drum that he is a self-taught DJ. The song gained popularity when he posted it on TikTok and then an influencer created a dance challenge around it.

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“The dance challenge was made by a TikTok influencer by the name of Victor, I didn’t know him, until the dance challenge… and many artists joined including DJ Maphorisa. Some I had worked with because I was an event coordinator.

DJ Karri (36) started his musical career in a casino in Hammanskraal. This was before he started working in clubs in the central business district (CBD) of Pretoria.

“That’s where I started gaining fans and followers because I was organizing events, so I was an event coordinator and club DJ for a really long time, and I wasn’t producing music. “

He loved music for most of his life.

“I come from a family that loves music, my mum and my dad. You know, my dad used to buy these records, so when I got to the age where I could go to events, I started teaching myself how to be a DJ.”

He says that while some of his family members wanted him to do something that would be more stable in the long run, he was driven by his passion.

“I got comments that I should get a job because I’m not going to go ahead with it, but my mum was always supportive. I think maybe it’s because she saw the passion and I’m sure she knew that one day I was going to be successful through music.

Karabo was able to dismiss the comments by proving that what he was doing was also putting bread on the table.

“I started buying things that people who have a ‘normal’ job can buy and they could see that I’m independent, that I’m growing up, and that I can buy a car. But now, after Trigger, they can see what I’m doing.

The sneeze-imitating song was influenced by what the world was going through due to Covid-19.

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“The first song had lyrics, then I went to play it in a club, it had lyrics with the same hook ‘Abachu’ but most of them had lyrics, and the song was called ‘Na Enjoyment'”. After playing it at the club, I realized that “no man, the role of Abachu” was the one people liked the most”.

He says that after the crowd went wild listening to the hook and not the part he was singing, he went back to the studio to make some changes.

“I told my team that I wanted to try something new and do the song with just the hook and then judge the response. Then I went to play it again at the same club, which left a lady crying from joy on the dance floor, I took a video and posted it on TikTok, then it went viral.

“The Abachu, you know, what we’ve been through as a country and around the world because of Covid-19, so basically Abachu, it’s like people want to sneeze the issues of what we’ve been through” , he said.

DJ Karri says he’s releasing another hit called Tonardo on Friday, April 29, from his new label, Sony Music.


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